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Maxwell Food Centre Roast Meat. Fu Shun Shao La Mian Jia 福顺(锦记)烧腊面家

Fu Shun Shao La 福顺(锦记)烧腊面家 is a popular Hong Kong roasts stall in Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore.

Though a bit under the social media radar, Fu Shun commands long queues, especially during meal times for their inexpensive, hearty roasts.

Boss Ah Kwai (born and raised in Singapore) has been roasting meats since he was a teen and founded Fu Shun at Maxwell Food Centre in 2008. Everyday, from that large charcoal fired Apollo oven in the little stall, boss Ah Kwai churns out slabs of roast pork belly (siew yok or sio bak), thick ropes of char siew and golden bronze colour roast ducks.

Lunch kaki (buddy) today was Jan Calleja, a world renown personalised art toy artist. Jan hand crafts customised, one of a kind art toys on commission basis and was in Singapore to launch his third solo exhibition. Jan's solo exhibition "Seeing Being" is on now at Culture Cave, Entrepreneur Business Centre, 18 Kaki Bukit Road, #03-17 till 15 Jul 2018 ☎ 902 91846.

We started with thick ropes of charred char siew 😄

You know what they say, right.........? Ugliest char siew tastes the best.

We told the boss Ah Kwai, please give us the killing-me-softly "half fat" cut 半肥瘦. I think we got more than what we wished for 😮

The meat and fat were oh.. so... tenderly soft and juicy.

The flavours came mostly from the marinade so it was robustly savoury sweet with a bit of toasty smoky taste from the caramelisation and char outside.

Even though made with fresh Indonesian pork, there wasn't much, if any, taste of natural porky sweetness which I missed. But, I know many folks see "no porky sweetness" as a huge plus point.

I like Fu Shun's siew yok (roast pork belly).

Fu Shun's siew yok are cut in good size, squarish pieces which I prefer (over those cut into strips like French fries). I like the relatively mild savoury taste of the moist meat and fat of Fu Shun's roast pork belly (compared to those that are robustly salty from lots of salt and five spice powder). I can't detect any natural porky sweetness which I know is a plus point for many people.

The skin was crackly and had just the right crunchy stiffness for me. I like it that Fu Shun's siew yok skin doesn't have the taste of baking soda at all (which is commonly used to make the skin more brittle). Even though made with frozen pork from Brazil, I like Fu Shun's siew yok because Ah Kwai is a master of the art of crackly roast pork skin.

Roast duck completes Fu Shun's roast meat trinity.

Meat was juicy and tender, and the well roasted skin was slightly crisp. Flavour was moderately savoury - I wish it was more robustly salty and that there was some ducky gaminess. Again, I know lots of people love these because it doesn't have the "duck smell" 😄

So, if you like savoury juicy roast duck with little to no "duck smell", this is for you 😄

👉 福顺(锦记)烧腊面家 Fu Shun's roast duck, char siew and pork belly at Maxwell Food Centre is worth checking out when you are in the Chinatown area. My favourite here is the siew yok (roast pork belly). Fu Shun's roast meats all sell at S$40 per kilo.

Restaurant nameFu Shun Shao La Mian Jia 福顺(锦记)烧腊面家 
Address: Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur Street, #01-71, Singapore 069184  
GPS: 1°16'48.5"N 103°50'41.9"E | 1.280129, 103.844979  
Waze: Maxwell Food Centre  
Hours: 11:30am - 7:30pm (Sun off)  

Date visited: 15 Jun 2018

👌 Jan Calleja's solo art toy exhibition "Seeing Being" is on now at Culture Cave, Entrepreneur Business Centre, 18 Kaki Bukit Road, #03-17 till 15 Jul 2018 ☎ 902 91846.

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  1. Delicious charcoal aroma and taste in the roast pork. Tender duck.


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