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MACS (Malaysia Automated Clearance System) ℹ Update: This Scheme Has Been Replaced By MACS 2.0


I got my MACS (Malaysia Automated Clearance System) pass in Nov 2011. It is a sticker with an embedded Radio Frequency Identification (RFI) microchip and is applied on the last page of my passport.

Update: This Scheme Has Been Replaced By MACS 2.0 👈 click

With MACS, there is no need to fill in the white immigration card anymore. The passport will also not be stamped as the information is captured in the computer system by scanning the MACS pass. You can use your MACS pass at the immigration checkpoints at both the Causeway (in Johor Bahru) and at the Second Link (in Gelang Patah).

The application process was a breeze. I chanced upon the temporary counter set up at City Square by the Immigration Department. There was no queue at all, perhaps because it was a weekday. There was no need to fill any forms, or provide any photograph. They just take the required information and photo from my passport – which was a smart move.

There was a charge of RM30 for a year though.

Besides City Square, I have seen MACS application counters in Jusco at Tebrau City and at the departure hall at the CIQ in Johor Bahru. I heard that a MACS application counter was also set up in Holiday Plaza.

After using the MACS pass several times in the past one month, I really appreciate its convenience especially when there were long queues at Immigration. However, there were only 3 MACS lanes with self service scanning machines at the arrival or departure hall and these were out of service a couple of times when I tried to use it.

Those times when I drove, I also didn’t find the dedicated MACS lane any faster than the normal lanes.

Nevertheless, not having to fill the white immigration card is a much appreciated convenience.

As at Oct 2011, about 100,000 Singaporeans have obtained the MACS pass. Malaysia Tourism is hoping that the number will grow to 2 million.

The MACS pass is open to Singapore citizens, permanent residents and those with long term visas like employment pass and student visa holders.

The latest and more information on MACS is available from the official website of the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore.

Update: This Scheme Has Been Replaced By MACS 2.0 👈 click


  1. These days application and renewal can be done via a 3rd party agency in Singapore only. And on top of it, you need two years validity and passport photos. Processing time takes a day! And now you will pay in SGD 35.00 for one year! Worst, have to allow this agency to keep your passport for a day.

  2. Hi, just wanna add about my experience at the macs application venue at Orchard Parade Hotel recently.
    You can collect your passport within the same day from 7.30pm onwards, only if:
    1. you have a Malaysia address as stated in your I/C,
    2. you submit the required documents before the cut-off time of 2pm.

    More details here.

  3. And also there's a need for you to fill up a form if you want to renew your Macs at Orchard Parade Hotel, so do bring along a pen!! =)


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