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Ramadan Bazaar @ Plaza Angsana in Tampoi, Johor Bahru

Johor Kaki wishes all Muslim friends, Selamat Ramadan Mubarak.

Every year, I look forward to visiting Ramadan bazaars and my first visit this year was this afternoon, at Plaza Angsana.

Let us walk the Ramadan bazaar together. Smell the aromatic spices. Listen to the crackle of bursting hot oil bubbles when food is dropped into boiling oil. Hear the cheerful banter between hawkers and customers. Look at the patterns made by steam and smoke rising from the barbecues. And, peel your ears to the hissing sound of oil dripping onto hot coals. Be bedazzled by the colours of food and festive clothings. Feel the energy and spirit of the season.

Foodies were out in full force for the best eats.

Briyani chicken.

Friendly people at the briyani stall.

Nasi lemak stall.

One of the best ikan bakar that I've eaten. Excellent sambal - a flavourful, well balanced blend of spicy hot, saltiness and sweetness. The ikan pari (stingray) that I had was also fresh and tender.

Frying beef.

Roti John.

The Ramly burger stand.

Nasi kukus, a Kelantan speciality - steamed rice with fried chicken.

Roti jala.

Barbecuing chicken.

Ayam percik - barbecued chicken.

Nasi ayam with grilled chicken.

See ham (cockles) fried with hot spices, chopped chillies, unions and vegetables.

Fried catfish smothered under a thick bed of sambal chili.

Barbecued quail.

Curry beef and curry chicken.

Popular ayam masak merah.

Cheerful rainbow colours of ice cold drinks. Perfect for the sweltering heat.

Location: Plaza Angsana, open car park.
Address: Junction of Jalan Skudai and Jalan Tampoi
GPS: 1.495472,103.705497

Date visited: 24 July 2012

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  1. I loveeeeee Ramadan bazaars. I look fwd to it every year, gonna plan another one for this weekend.


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