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Ramadhan Bazaar near Carrefour, Pandan, Johor Bahru

This is my second Ramadhan bazaar this year because once a year is never enough. Actually, I am not sure if twice or how many times is enough for me. I never tire of Ramadhan bazaars because the sights, sounds, smells and atmosphere are always such wonderful treats for all our senses.

I doubled my walking pace towards the bazaar when I saw bellowing smoke and smelled the aroma of roasting chicken over charcoal.

The popiah stall where I could hear the crackers breaking when the lady wraps the spring rolls. 

Foot long roti John by the cheerful crew.

Satay ready for the charcoal grill.

Juicy kebabs roasting on the charcoal grill.

Smoking towers of yummy barbecue chicken wings and kebabs.

Lemang, traditional glutinous rice and coconut milk cooked in bamboo with wood fire.

Kambing (mutton) soup where you can choose any part of the lamb you like.

Colourful, mouth watering nasi briyani.

Freshly barbecued quails basking in the afternoon sun.

Ayam percik is a favourite from the peninsular east coast.

Freshly grilled stingrays or ikan pari painted red with a thick coat of sambal chili.

Listen to the sizzle of grilling fish.

Frying fish keropok or crackers.

Putu bambu, traditional cake made with ground rice and coconut in bamboo.

Popular staple murtabak.

Plenty of pretty cakes to tempt people with sweet tooth.

Dazzling colours and endless varieties of delicious traditional home cooked dishes. 

Sweet icy drinks in multi colours.

Location: Next to Carrefour, Pandan, Johor Bahru
Address: Just before the Tebrau Highway and Pasir Gudang Highway interchange
GPS: 1.535037,103.784172

Date visited: 25 July 2012


  1. i can smell the food from here!!

  2. wow, what a variety of food!!!

  3. I see Baby Sumo's fav fish keropok. Hehe ;P

  4. This bazar is great for food. I have not seen a more impression one myself. This reminds me I should go again. I didn't see the stingray. Did you try that? Was it good?

  5. Hi John, I didn't try the stingray here. There was just too much food ;P I did try the stingray at the Ramadhan bazaar at Plaza Angsana. It was one of the best that I've eaten ;D

  6. Wht time it opens? Does at.night?

  7. This year's 2014 Ramadhan. Has it started? What time should an early bird go to beat the crowd? Any convenient parking nearby? Coming from Singapore. Richie


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