Friday, 27 July 2012

Kway Teow Kia @ Solid Cafeteria 祖传果条仔 in Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

I have a long backlog of good food stalls in Johor that I have visited and liked, but have not yet blogged about. Once in a while, there comes a stall I liked so much that it jumps to the front of my blogging queue. Solid Cafeteria kway teow kia 祖传果条仔 is one such outstanding stall.

Solid Cafeteria's pork offal were very well prepared. They were all very well cleaned, braised till tender yet still al dente, while retaining the pork's natural sweetness.

Just one example. Look at the braised pork skin. It was curled into a springy coil because the skin was braised just right.

But the same can be said of the pork offal of many of Johor's best kway teow kia stalls.

The thing that really sets Solid Cafeteria 祖传果条仔 well apart from the rest is their special gravy

At Solid Cafeteria, the pork offal were drenched with a dark, gooey, syrupy herbal gravy instead of the usual light herbal broth found elsewhere.

Solid Cafeteria's gooey gravy is silky smooth, delicately herbal and with pleasant sweet notes. It is easy to fall in love with (or is it get addicted to?) Solid Cafeteria's flavourful, savoury herbal gravy. The distinctive flavour and taste came from brewing many blended herbs together with lots of large stock bones for hours.

The owner MR Ong said the traditional recipe came from his mother which he later modified and improved upon.

Solid Cafeteria's signature gravy is so good, I am sure I would be perfectly happy to eat at least a bowl or two of plain white rice with just the gravy alone, and nothing else. I fact, I found myself slurping up all the gravy after cleaning my plate of pork offal. It was that good.

Solid Cafeteria is also famous for their signature braised duck. The slices of tender and naturally sweet braised duck meat were flooded with generous amounts of the same signature herbal gravy, that overflowed over the sides of the shallow plate.

The clean tasting kway teow noodles were smooth and complemented the pork offal and braising sauce very well. 

The chili sauce was excellent too. Fresh, tangy, spicy hot and sweet.

I must remember to order these fried bean curd skin during my next visit. They look perfect for soaking up Solid Cafeteria's unique herbal gravy.

Will definitely revisit J

Restaurant name: Solid Cafeteria Kway Teow Kia 祖传果条仔
Address: 137 & 139, Jalan Bakawali 50, Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.542512,103.793131
Hours: 12:00noon to 9:30pm (closed on Monday)
Non Halal

Date visited: 25 July 2012


  1. I tried this....thumbs up!!!!

  2. The braised pork skin looks good.... and so pretty too, the way it curls up.

  3. Tried before. Not so nice. Mei Fang KTK is nicer. Located in Cedar Point

    1. Yes, I tried and blogged about Meng Fang too. It was also nice and I liked it too. Meng Fang is the more traditional type. This one at Solid is a more experimental (new) type. Actually, I admire Solid's boss for daring to take the risk and deviate from tradition. I thought he create a taste that did rather well actually.

  4. Wow! You actually tried this place out after I had recommended it in you Taman Tasek kuey teow kia post. I am glad that you liked it! Next time try the tofu skins. It is crunchy and soggy at the same time with the taste of the herbal soup. Oh, try the dry version of the kuey teow. It's something new as well.

    1. Thank you for your recommendation. Keep them coming ;D

    2. I saw that you don't have many posts on JB Japanese restaurants. My favorites are Kura which is at the shophouses going towards Crystal Crown Hotel from town center and Kirishima in the actual Crystal Crown Hotel itself. One is shi fu, and the other is du ti. Another favorite is Nijyumaru at the Permas Jaya branch, not the Sutera one. These I think are the better Japanese restaurants in JB.

    3. LOL thanks for the recommendations ;D

  5. Taste is on the light side...

  6. Overpriced & overcharged. When i ask them to breakdown. Staffs garhered around me & started shouting. Forced to settle for $30 for small plate of intestines, pc of pig maw,pc of pig skin, small fried bean curd, 3 bowls of kway tews


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