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Restoran Tong in Skudai Johor Bahru JB 东肉骨茶馆


Ever since I first tasted the kampung chicken at Restoran Tong nearly 3 years ago, this has been one of my favourite food stops when I bring my friends around Johor Bahru.

Restaurant name: Restoran Tong 东肉骨茶馆
Address41, Jalan Hang Lekir 10, Taman Skudai Baru, Skudai, Johor
Hours 9:00am to sold out (usually around 2:30pm). Opens at 08:00am on weekends. (Rest days are not fixed. Rest for a week every two months.) Call 07-558-5367 to check.
Non Halal


Restoran Tong is located at a quiet corner in the industrial part of Skudai in Johor Bahru. (Actually not so quiet as Restoran Tong is very busy during lunch time :-D  ) 

Not much has changed at Restoran Tong since I first came here, except that the old sun bleached signboard had been replaced by a new one with loud auspicious colours.

Restoran Tong was our fourth food stop when I brought my old classmate Jen and his family for a JB food trail.


We ordered half a kampung chicken as we had already eaten a lot in the morning, and there were many more places we planned to visit.


MR Poh, the Hainanese boss told us that his kampung chicken weigh around 2 kilos each. So, each half chicken is 1 kilo (which is a whole chicken in most other chicken rice places).


Jen (who is Hainanese) was unusually quiet while we ate the tender juicy chicken bathed in Restoran Tong's signature savoury aromatic sauce. I was explaining why I liked the kampung chicken at Restoran Tong. I highlighted the jelly-like gelatin between the meat and skin, the texture of the yellow chrysanthemum colour skin, the tenderness of the succulent white meat, the natural chicken flavour, the unique savoury aromatic sauce and more.

I wasn't sure if Jen was listening at all.

Jen slowly looked up and said softly, smiling "Can we have another half chicken"?

I was hesitant.

He continued softly after a pause, "This was the way my mum made Hainanese chicken".

Well, you just do not argue with a reason like that.

And thus, we had 2 kilos (!) of kampung chicken that day between several meals and Mao Shan Wang durian.


On another day, I brought Uncle Martin to Restoran Tong during our Johor Bahru food trail <- click.

Uncle Martin is well known in Singapore foodie circles as Uncle Smart as he is the walking encyclopedia wikipedia on good best food in the sunny island.

Me: "How is it, Uncle Smart?"

Uncle Martin continued to chew silently on the piece of chicken in his mouth. And when he stopped, he looked me in the eye.

His satisfied expression already said it all.

Then he summed it up in the way only Uncle Smart can, "Cannot find this in Singapore".


With the last word from Uncle Smart. What more can I say?

This is one of the Must Eat chicken in Johor.

My first post on Restoran Tong <- click.

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  1. Chicken looks yummy. Your food blogs are fantastic. Keep up the good eating.

    1. Thank you. Did you try this chicken?


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