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Above Eleven Sukhumvit Bangkok Rooftop Bar and Peruvian Restaurant JK1164


This was my first time tasting Peruvian food, which is like a "United Nations" of world cuisine as in Peru, they combined the food cultures of peoples from four continents that settled there over the centuries. Tasting it high above the throbbing streets of Bangkok made it even more memorable.

Restaurant name: Above Eleven Rooftop Bar and Restaurant
Address: Level 33, 34 & 35, Fraser Suites, Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok, Thailand (nearest BTS station, Nana)
GPS13.745547, 100.556221
Hours: 6:00 pm till 2:00 am every day
Phone+66 (0)2 207 9300
Non Halal


Johor Kaki was invited to visit Above Eleven Rooftop Bar and Restaurant in Sukhumvit, Bangkok.

We landed first on the 33rd level of Fraser Suites where the bar and restaurant is located. On the 35th floor is Gramercy Park which is Above Eleven's rooftop bar with dance floor.


Beautiful Bangkok from Above Eleven.


The moment we stepped in, I felt that Above Eleven is a promising place to hang out, chill out ;-D

Above Eleven is the first restaurant in Southeast Asia to serve Peruvian food and is the only one in Bangkok.


Peruvian born Executive Chef Omar Frank Maruy is the man behind the food at Above Eleven.

Peruvian food is an eclectic fusion of the many layers of cultures that come together in Peru. The culinary influences of Japan, Spain, Italy, Africa, China and South America are seen in it's interesting dishes. Peruvian cuisine is a unique fusion of all the ingredients and techniques of these cultures from four Continents across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

After sampling the Peruvian dishes at Above Eleven, it felt like the "United Nations" of food, all under one national cuisine - that's Peruvian food.


We were graciously hosted by owner Rohit Sachdev. Rohit described the food at Above Eleven as principally Nikkei Peruvian-Japanese fusion. Rohit is full of passion for Peruvian food. He personally explained the background of each fascinating dish we sampled.


Tiratidos are Peru’s version of Japanese sashimi of thinly sliced raw fish but marinated in different Peruvian sauces.

We had a sampling plate of Tiradito Tuna Nikkei which is thin slices of tuna in sesame oil and aji amarillo (chili) leche de tigre. Leche de tigre (literally tiger's milk) is a savoury, tangy, spicy sauce made of natural fish juices, lime juice, sliced onion, chilis, salt, and pepper.

We also sampled Tiradito Octopus - thin slices of octopus with white onions, olive oil and kalamata olive mayonnaise. 


Tuna Tartare (THB 350++).

Diced tuna seasoned with sesame sauce, cilantro and red chili served with togarashi (capsicum) spiced deep fried wonton crisps.


Causa Kani (THB 370++). 

Potato mash topped with crab meat in togarashi mayo with avocado, quail egg and Huancaína (cheese) sauce.

Causas (a Spanish legacy) are mashed potatoes mixed with chili and fresh lime juice, topped with a variety of seafood or meats.


Cebiche Above Eleven (THB 470).

Cebiche is considered the “Peruvian National Dish". It is made with raw seafood marinated in leche de tigre.

Cebiche Above Eleven is a combination plate of sea bass fish and prawns in red chili leche de tigre with deep fried calamari rings accompanied by glazed sweet potatoes.


Salmon Carpaccio with Ponsu Sauce.

This is Rohit's personal favourite (an off menu item which he graciously shared with us). It is salmon slices rolled in a coil and eaten with a garlicky savoury citrusy dip.


Snow Fish Anticucho (THB 750++).

Thick chunk of snow fish, marinated and charcoal grilled laid on mash of yuca and showered with crispy bacon. Served with white onion salsa criolla and black olive sauce.

Anticuchos are Andean style grilled meats from the time before the arrival of Europeans in South America.


Lomo Saltado (THB 800++)

Beef tenderloin slices sautéed in soya sauce with onions, cilantro, peppers and tomatoes accompanied by potato wedges and rice.

This looked and tasted like a common vegetable and rice comfort dish found in the Chinese restaurants of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.


Seco de Cordero (THB 950++).

Slow cooked tender lamb shank marinated with beer, cilantro and aji amarillo chili.


The juicy meaty lamb shank is simply eaten with rice and soft baked white beans.

Peruvian food has a comforting home cooked feel.


Arroz Con Pato (THB 450++).

Duck leg confit served with rice, cilantro, seasonal vegetables, crispy onion, salsa criolla and red onion relish.


Anticucho Beef Heart (THB 250).

Lima (Peru's Capital) street food at 33 floors above the heart of Bangkok in Sukhumvit.


Meaty chunks of hearty grilled beef tender hearts - the African influence in Peruvian food.

Beef heart chunks marinated in red chilies, oregano, garlic, red vinegar and soy. Served with aji amarillo, red chili criolla (salsa) and chimichurri (parsley garlic) sauce.

Finally, to end our sumptuous and scrumptious virgin Peruvian feast on a sweet note ......


Tortas Tres Leches (THB 230++).

Vanilla sponge cake soaked in 3 different types of milk topped with cream, a cherry and mint leaves.


Traditional Crème Caramel (THB 200++).

After dessert, it is time to party!

It's just past midnight, so it is a new day.

The night is young!


Walking up a narrow stairway densely lined with plastic leaves.


The Gramercy Park rooftop bar at the top of the stairs (on the 35th floor).


Pulsating energy radiates from DJ Souldust's platform to the entire rooftop. The rooftop bar also seemed to absorb the energy from the million lights beaming from the dazzling city below that never sleeps.

Just standing here and gawk while nursing a cocktail is already a good experience for me ;-p


The name (Gramercy Park is a historic New York City district), the city lights, the music, the graffiti, the vibes and the heady "Long Island Iced Tea" make one feel they are in the Big Apple.


Beautiful Bangkok from Gramercy Park.


This is one view of Bangkok (shot through the glass) which the ladies won't get to see. And, there is a view of Bangkok which the ladies see but I won't be privy to ;-p

Go to Above Eleven in Bangkok and you will know what I mean ;-D

Above all - Eat, drink and be merry.

Disclosure: As this is an invited media tasting, the food is not reviewed.

Date visited: 13 Jun 2015

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  1. So proud a Peruvian chef is behind all fabulous dishes. They look delicious and for sure they taste more than delicious.


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