Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Singapore Blog Awards 2015 Finalist

This is the fourth year that Johor Kaki is participating in the Singapore Blog Awards (SBA).

Why is Johor Kaki in the Singapore Blog Awards (SBA) again?

Because, the work I hope to do is far from done. In fact, it has become more urgent.

Just yesterday (on 15 Jun 2015), I received sad news that another heritage food hawker had passed on due to old age. His life's work was not recorded and will soon be forgotten.

Along with the passing of our pioneer hawkers is the gradual (some say rapid) decline of our cherished heritage food culture.

A key factor is that local hawker food is getting less popular with the young. Some said they have never been to a hawker centre before.

Without a new generation of customers, hawker food will surely decline further.

It's a reality that we need to face up to, and take action.

Alone and with little resources, there is not much that I can do to help. But as a blogger, I could help encourage more young bloggers to blog about hawker food. When more young bloggers blog about hawker food, more youths will visit hawker centres.

Peer influence is powerful.

As the annual Singapore Blog Awards attract many young bloggers, I hope that my blog's involvement can help raise interest among young bloggers about hawker food blogging.

I hope that you can help me encourage more young hawker food bloggers, by voting for Johor Kaki blog.

Click -> here <- to vote.

The registration process is tedious and you have to vote for 10 blogs in any category before clicking the submit button. I appreciate that you have to jump through many hoops to support Johor Kaki.

Once registered, you can vote once a day till 6 July 2015.

Thank you for supporting my humble mission to "put every good hawker on the World Wide Web" since 2011.

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