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Best Char Siew & Roast Pork in Marsiling Mall & Woodlands by Fu Shi Traditional Roasted. Wanton Mee


Ah Huat owner-chef of Fu Shi Traditional Roasted. Wanton Mee stall at Marsiling Mall food centre is constantly improving his char siew, roast pork belly, roast duck and noodles. They were already very good when I first had them years ago - today, Ah Huat has taken his craft to new heights.


When I peeked into the hawker stall window and the slab of roast pork belly, the first thought that came to my mind was "Wong Mei Kee", the legendary siew yok of Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.


True enough, Ah Huat confirmed he was using Wong Mei Kee's siew yok as his benchmark when perfecting his roast pork belly.

The roast pork belly was charcoal roasted to just the right doneness with a visible subtle pink. The meat was tender, fat was juicy and the skin was crackly crunchy like a deep fried biscuit.

Seasoning was at just the right intensity, so we can taste a subtle sweetness underlying the savoury layers. There was also the subtle toasty aroma of roast meat with every bite.


I didn't ask Ah Huat what are his inspirations for his char siew but I suspect it is a blend of the best of Famous Seremban Favourites and Spring Golden - among the flag bearers of the best KL style crystal char siew 玻璃叉烧.

Ah Huat makes regular pilgrimages to Kuala Lumpur to taste the best roasts there.


We had a fatty cut. The marination was robustly sweet savoury. The dominant flavour was sweet followed closely by savoury. The charcoal roasted char siew was tender and juicy, and the almost black caramelised sugar outside was slightly gummy and tacky.

I like this kind of KL style char siew.


Fu Shi's roast duck was good too. Savoury seasoning was at just the right intensity level for me. The golden brown gleaming skin was crisp, and meat was tender and juicy. Not much fat in the duck though.


The current tweak of Fu Shi's wanton mee is a generous amount of layered savoury sauce with slight underlying spicy heat enveloping relatively heavy, thick noodles done al dente. The noodles were crunchy to the bite.


One of the best roast pork belly from an obsessive owner-chef who is a perfectionist.


And that's the thing about Ah Huat. Always open minded about learning from the best in the trade and having the innate self confidence of surpassing the industry's highest benchmarks.

When you are around Marsiling or Woodlands for lunch, check out Fu Shi Traditional Roasted. Wanton Mee.


Restaurant name: Fu Shi Traditional Roasted Wanton Mee 富市传统烧腊

Address: 4 Woodlands Street 12, #01-01/02 Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre, Singapore 738623

Nearest MRT station: Marsiling

Tel: +65 9237 8157

Hours: 11:00am - 7:00pm (Mon, Tues off)

Date visited: 20 Nov 2020

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  1. Hailing originally from PJ, you have certainly increased the hunger pangs that I'm suffering from missing all those juicy, crispy, KL style siew yok and cha siew! When on when can I visit those places again :(


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