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Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup @ Albert Market & Food Centre 仙马潮州鱼汤


We were around Albert Food Centre for an errand and so decided to have brunch here. We had Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup 仙马潮州鱼汤 and enjoyed it. The fish was fresh, flavours were mild and well balanced. It was a tasty, comforting, good value meal which explains the stall's popularity.


Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup was one of two food stalls at Albert Market & Food Centre with the longest queues.


The other stall with the longest queue was Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu 百年酿豆腐. I love Bai Nian and have eaten at their People's Park hawker centre and Viva Business Park (Chai Chee) outlets.

Since we have not eaten at Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup  before, we chose this stall today.


We had a $10 fish soup with two bowls of plain white rice (for another $1). I had requested for fish eggs as well (and it was served with no additional cost).


I know right, the soup was so clear that this spoonful of fish soup looks empty. The clear, watery soup had a nice savoury sweetness. (They don't throw bak pok or lard croutons nor deep fried garlic into their soup which would only throw the delicate taste profile off.)


I ask for fish roe whenever it is available. At Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup, I got the most fish eggs from any fish soup stall before.

They were very generous with the fish roe which were fresh and have that nice delicate poppy crunch that only fish (and prawn) roe can have. The taste was subtly savoury eggy sweet.


There were several pieces of thick cut fresh Batang fish (Spanish mackerel) slices. Tender (not soft), naturally sweet flavours. No fishy taste or smell whatsoever as the fish was fresh.


Bitter gourd, tomato, lettuce etc all fresh and clean added sweetness to the soup and dish. I am a fan of bitter gourd as it is sweet and crunchy when done right (like here).


Of course, sauces play a big part in Teochew cuisine. I love this chili and fermented soy bean sauce at Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup. The savoury taste and hot spicy sting really sharpened our tastebuds to better appreciate the fish, roe and soup's delicate flavours.


I really enjoyed this fermented beans with plain white rice.


Anyone expecting their socks to be blown off by strong flavours from Angel Horse's Teochew fish soup will be disappointed. Angel Horse's fans queue for their simple, familial, comforting taste of fresh fish and vegetables in a cheng cheng clean tasting soup with plain white rice and sharp sauces.

I am a fan of Teochew fish soup. These are some of my favourites:

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Restaurant name: Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup 仙马潮州鱼汤

Address: 270 Queen Street, stall #01-95, Singapore 180270 (stall in Albert Market & Food Centre)

Hours: 11:00am - 8:00pm

Date visited: 26 Nov 2020

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