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Review of Big Prawn Noodle @ 205D Sengkang Compassvale Lane


First time food hunting in Sengkang, I was a little lost and didn't see anything that catches my attention at first sight. Ranted about my early morning predicament on Facebook and friends came to my rescue 🙏

Don Leow shared a list of his Sengkang favourites and it included Big Prawn Noodle which is near to where I was at that time.

Stall name: Big Prawn Noodle

Address: 205D Compassvale Lane, Singapore 544205 (stall inside P12 coffee shop)

Nearest MRT: 10 minutes walk from Sengkang station or Buangkok station

Hours: 8:00am - 6:00pm (Thurs off)

Big Prawn Noodle @ 205D Sengkang is about 10 minutes walk from Sengkang MRT station or Buangkok MRT station.

Prices start at $6, there's soup and dry versions and pork / seafood add ons.

My first time here, I opted for the $7.50, prawn only, soup version.

It's a mound of yellow noodles (my choice), bean sprouts and kang kong in a bowl of cloudy soup topped with prawns slit in half, fried shallots and a dollop of sambal.

First things first, the prawn soup.

It was cloudy, medium bodied with robust umami savoury, spicy hot, sweet and lardy flavours. Nice, and if it was a bit less sweet, it would be perfect for me 👍

They allow soup top ups but I forgot to put that to the test 😬

The noodles were alright - nice spongy texture and quite slurpy tasty with the soup. Not too much of it despite the $7.50 price tag. (Don't quite appreciate those stalls that bulk up their servings with carbs.)

The prawns came halved and with shell on.

I don't like peeling prawns because I need to keep my fingers clean to take photos 😬

Otherwise, the prawns were tender firm and fresh tasting enough.

The fried shallots were a bit dark but still crisp and flavoursome. They play a big role in the savoury taste of the soup.

The presence of lard was well felt and appreciated.

I asked for a bit of sambal in a dish but it was scooped into the soup. (I don't want the sambal to change the flavour profile of the soup.)

Easily solved. Just scooped it out and transferred it to a small dish. The sambal was umami savoury spicy sweet. I ate and finished it all up neat 😁

It's a nice prawn noodle. Worth a try, if you are in Sengkang. Next time, I shall try the dry version with pork and wash it down with extra soup top up.

Aaron Ong reminded me that this is very similar to the Big Prawn Noodle stall in Ang Mo Kio which it is 👈 click

Written by Tony Boey on 11 Apr 2023

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