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Kim's Gold Rolex Watch Hokkien Mee @ Eunos · Singapore Hawker Legend

✍ Update 15 Feb 2024. The king of Singapore Hokkien prawn mee Mr Tan Kue Kim passed on on 14 Feb 2024.

According to Zaobao news, Tan felt unwell on the first day of Chinese New Year (10 Feb). Visited a doctor and was released with medication. On the fifth day of CNY (14 Feb), Tan collapsed at home. He was rushed to hospital but passed on two hours later. Cause of death stated on the medical report was "coronary artery disease". Source

May Singapore's hawker legend and icon Rest in Peace, and may I extend my deepest condolences to Mr Tan's family, friends and fans of Kim's fried Hokkien mee.

The post below was written a week before Mr Tan's passing. He was cheerful and friendly, still personally dishing out his famous fried Hokkien mee.

✍ 7 Feb 2024. The God of Singapore Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee is in the house!

Heard so much about the hawker legend who sports a gold Rolex watch while frying Singapore Hokkien prawn mee. (There it is, on his left wrist.)

But, I have never tasted it before 😅

I am here today, for the first time because buddy Soo jio-ed me to give Kim's Famous Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee a try.


The Legend Tan Kue Kim was very friendly and welcomed me to take photos of him in action.

Tan, age 78 years old now, has been frying Hokkien prawn mee since he was 13 (in 1963). He became a stall owner, the boss when he was 14 💪 Tan is looking to retire once he could find a successor.

Tan's flamboyant and illustrious career has been closely chronicled by the media since the 1980s to this day.

Today, I had the privilege to watch the hawker legend prepare our order.

There was a large pot of pre-fried Hokkien mee. When there is an order, Tan refries a portion with prawn, squid, eggs, chives (no pork belly) and a splash of thick brown prawn and pork stock. It is given a scattering of lard croutons before serving.

The served noodles were not too wet, not dry, actually just the right moistness in my opinion. 

The plate of noodles wasn't sizzling smoking hot and was served on a token piece of opeh.

The noodles didn't have much wok hei, crustacean umami savouriness, porcine sweetness, nor lardiness, four things I would love in overdosed quantities in my Hokkien mee. The more the merrier for me but there wasn't too much today.

There were generous with the lard croutons which I appreciate.

Kim's now serve a lot of zhi cha dishes such as this oyster omelette.

Hae cho or fried prawn roll.

I am grateful for the opportunity to meet the legend in person, watch him in action, personally frying his famous fried Singapore Hokkien prawn for us 🙏

Hope Tan can find a successor to continue his legacy for future generations.


Restaurant name: Kim's Famous Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee

Address: 62B Jalan Eunos, Singapore 419510

Nearest MRT: 5 minutes walk from Eunos station

Tel: 6747 8766

Hours: 11am - 12 midnight

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Written by Tony Boey on 7 Feb 2024

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  1. He's been not so good for a couple of decades liao. Used to be in amk central s11 kpt, when he fry still ok. Half the time not there, assistant fry, you feel like you want a refund. 🌚 That's prob why hkm aficionados neber Jio u go eat this before. 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Consider trying Tian Seng Hokkien Mee at Circuit Road Hawker Centre. Definitely worth a try. 👍🏼

  3. No doubt the boss is very friendly….. but his HKM just doesn’t suits my tastebud.

  4. Tried once only and won't be going back....golden Mile hawker basement or geylang lorong 29 much better than this

  5. W Chong Weng Heng12 February 2024 at 22:43

    In 🇸🇬 Singapore, hokkien mees is tempting Good, but there are competition among stalls, who is the hokkien mees supreme is still unknown?

  6. I consider myself a big fan of HKM and have always try all famous hkm, sadly, this hkm have disappointed me time and time again.

    Not just the quality of the noodle is bad, the taste loses out to so many famous hkm

  7. The first time I ate it which was like 2 years ago and it scored quite well, I then went back for a 2nd time about 6 months later and the taste was totally different from the 1st time.

    But I will still try to support him whenever I can.

    Not that the hokkien Mee is not nice, it just misses that something.

  8. Last tried his work when he got a stall at that hawker centre opposite Bedok camp. Still nice, just that I missed the taste when he was at Changi road, Kembangan area

  9. Looks like his son isn't his successor?


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