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Tracy's Sarawak Kitchen · Laksa @ Geylang (Aljunid MRT) 品记小厨


We tried Sarawak laksa at three different places today. We like this at Tracy's Sarawak Kitchen the most.

Tracy's is right there at the doorstep of Aljunid MRT station (at Lor 25 Geylang).

Actually, Tracy's Sarawak Kitchen has rather prominent social media presence. You may be surprised that Tracy's is a tiny no frills stall buried deep inside 8890 Eating House, a corner coffee shop.

But, Tracy's got a big menu and has most of the Sarawak food icons from kolo mee, to Sarawak laksa, tomato mee, and even mani cai noodles (known as mee apek in Sarawak).

Digression: What is mee apek? 

In Tracy's menu it is "mani cai longevity noodles". It is "longevity" noodle stir fried with eggs and sayur manis. It is called mee apek because the packaging of longevity noodles has images of a few old folks i.e. apek 😅😂

I tried mee apek in Sarawak at Joon Joon in Kuching and at The Post in Siniawan. It is a tasty Sarawak food icon that is far less well known outside of Sarawak than kolo mee and Sarawak laksa.

Today, we were on a Sarawak laksa trail, so we had to discipline ourselves and kept our focus on our objective.

Tracy's Sarawak laksa costs $6.50, the same as at the other two places we tried.

(On hindsight, we could have made some allowance in tummy space for mee apek. It just means we have to go back to Tracy's soon 😁 )

Tracy's rendition was basically similar with the others.

Slender rice vermicelli at the bottom in a bowl filled with a rich umami savoury spicy hot broth made with coconut milk, prawn and chicken stock spiced with a complex mix of spices, aromatics and belacan (fermented shrimp).

The slender rice vermicelli was simply perfect for mopping up all the flavourful goodness in the Sarawak laksa broth.

If you need more kick in your laksa broth, there's zesty juice from the calamansi and more savoury spicy sambal belacan.

The shredded chicken, prawn and strips of egg crepe were good complements to the bee hoon and laksa broth. The prawns weren't shelled but they were fresh and sweet.

Of the three Sarawak laksa places we tried today, only at Tracy's did I emptied my bowl (but forgot to take my customary empty bowl photo 😅 ).


Stall name: Tracy's Sarawak Kitchen 品记小厨

Address: 90 Lor 25A Geylang, Singapore 388265 (stall inside 8890 Eating House)

Nearest MRT: At Aljunid station

Tel: 8863 5836

Hours: 10am - 8pm (Mon off  |  9am - 7pm on Sat & Sun)

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Written by Tony Boey on 22 Feb 2024

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