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May Pho Culture @ Fook Hai Building · Fav Vietnamese Beef Noodles Money Can Buy in Singapore

Over a year ago, on my Facebook profile, I requested for pho recommendations in Singapore. Buddy Jill suggested May Pho Culture at Fook Hai Building which triggered a discussion about when to go to try.

I finally made my way to May Pho Culture today (a whole year later 🤭), but meanwhile the little gem beside Hong Lim hawker centre received a torrent of social media attention.

It's easy to see why once I tried May's pho.

The moment I stepped into May Pho Culture, I was captivated by a rich beefy sweet aroma which filled the little restaurant.

Founder May who hailed from Ho Chi Minh City was busy tending to her giant drum of simmering beef soup (carefully skimming off soup scum).

This huge drum of soup and rich beefy aroma reminded me of the legendary Pho An of Bankstown in Sydney (my fav pho, the best I've tasted so far).

Instinct tells me that May's was going to be a darned good pho too

I like the simple, unpretentious set up of May's shop - one could easily be mistaken that s/he is in Ho Chi Minh City.

There's a unique loft section upstairs. I would hangout here, if I come alone.

Two of us shared this spread of food and coffee.

First things first, May's famous pho.

The brown colour soup has smooth round collagen rich body and tasted richly beefy, savoury, sweet. I didn't detect any MSG or chemical flavouring in the soup 👍

The rehydrated rice noodles were relatively wide and thick. Blanched till slightly soft but slurpy smooth. The strands tasted rice sweet with a beefy savoury sweet overlay from soup clinging to the noodles.

The slices of beef shin were soft tender, beefy sweet. Excellent.

May's is southern pho, so it comes with its full complement of greens and vegetables including my favourite sawtooth coriander and banana flower.

In my opinion, May serves the best pho money can buy (among those that I've tried) in Singapore.

The best pho in Singapore is by Han's Concoctions but that is by invitation only and money cannot buy.

History of pho 👈 click

Bun rieu or pork, crab, tomato, noodle soup.

There's pork leg, pork belly, pork sausage, and a pork & crab ball over rice vermicelli in a bowl of golden tea colour soup. Garnished with chopped scallion and cilantro.

Porcine sweet and subtle tangy pork and tomato soup.

Banh hoi heo quay or roasted pork cake.

The roast pork is nice - skin was crackly crisp, meat and fat were tender. Just the right level of savoury saltiness.

Eaten by rolling the roast pork, tangy pickled vegetables and fresh lettuce in rice vermicelli. Dip in fish sauce for added umami flavour.

If I have cravings for beef pho while in Singapore, I'll get my fix at May Pho Culture. It compares very well, even with many in Vietnam that I have tasted there.


Restaurant name: May Pho Culture

Address: 150 South Bridge Rd, #01-16, Singapore 058727 (Fook Hai Building)

Nearest MRT: 10 minutes walk from Chinatown station

Tel: 9646 2589

Hours: 11:30am - 9pm (Tues off)

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Written by Tony Boey on 3 Feb 2024

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