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Repair Luggage Wheels & More in Singapore & Malaysia · Chiang Kong Services Since 1970s 长江 · 各大品牌维修中心

If you had travelled with me, you will know that I use a well worn, decades old luggage. The trusty luggage has gone to many places with me through the past two decades. I get quite attached to my carry on - is it only me? It has served me well and has sentimental value to me (lots of memories of people and places).

But, it is time to retire old faithful and let shiny new young luggages take over 😄 I got my new luggages from Chiang Kong Luggage Services, a well established luggage repair shop (located at Tannery Lane).

Join Chiang Kong Club for $299, and get two pieces of Lumiere luggage with repair voucher and member discounts.

The luggage brand is Lumiere and Chiang Kong sells them at very competitive prices. The aluminium shell, solid construction and extra large wheels look strong and sturdy. The wheels are butter smooth too.


The only way to find out how good they are as travel buddies is to put the luggages through a few trips.


Let them get tossed around a bit and see how they hold up. (Make memories together - good or bad, we'll find out. I'll write a luggage review afterwards.)

I haven't used Chiang Kong Club's repair services yet but they have a good track record of media coverage and positive customer reviews. If I used it, I will share with you my experience too.

Chiang Kong Services started repairing luggages in the 1970s. Richard who worked with his uncles since he was a teen, took over in 2006 and is the sole proprietor now.

Richard was showing me luggage rubber linings. Chiang Kong stocks a huge amount of original branded luggage spare parts, and is also able to fabricate parts as required (e.g. for vintage luggages).

Richard said it is quite common for people to get attached to their luggages and are willing to invest to get them restored.

Today, Chiang Kong Services is the exclusive appointed luggage repair contractor for Singapore Changi Airport (that's a huge vote of confidence ✅ ) i.e. if your luggage is damaged while flying via Changi Airport, it will be sent to Chiang Kong Luggage Services for repair. That's why, some of us may already be familiar with the repair shop at Tannery Lane.

Chiang Kong is also Singapore's Samsonite service centre ✅

Chiang Kong Luggage Services has also expanded overseas to Malaysia where it has two repair shops, in Cheras and in Petaling Jaya.


I will update this post about my future experience with my luggages and Chiang Kong's repair services.


Address:  11 Tannery Lane, #01-01, Singapore 347774

Nearest MRT: 15 minutes walk from Potong Pasir station

Tel: 9100 2680

Hours: 9am - 1pm | 2pm - 6pm (Sunday off)

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Written by Tony Boey on 20 Feb 2024

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