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Dan Ji Dumpling @ Pudu, Kuala Lumpur • Simple, Humble, Well Loved Local Favourite 丹记水饺面 • 半山芭

We were on our way to another food stall, finding our way in the sweltering heat and traffic grime of gritty Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.

We stumbled upon Dan Ji Dumpling. Not sure what drew us inside, but the sight of the plump brown dumplings and the lure of instant relief from the scorching hot sun were persuasive.

Inside Dan Ji, it was bright, clean and cool. They even had a huge air cooler blowing cooled air into the room. There was no decor - it's just a street side stall that moved its cooking and furniture indoors.

We had the RM12 set which came with noodles, soup and four huge fried dumplings. 

(They also have dumpling soup version.) 

The dumpling skin was thin but crisp. The dumpling was meaty, tightly packed yet soft tender, moist with slight crunch from yam bean (mang kuang 沙葛 ). The pork was fresh and sweet with added sweetness from yam bean. It was an excellent dumpling 👍

The bowl of oil greased, soy sauce darkened noodles was gleaming under the restaurant's bright lights. The noodles looked generic and I wasn't enthusiastic about it at first sight. 

But, I was delighted with the spongy springy chewy bite of the relatively thick noodles. The oil and dark soy sauce blend was also nice. Turned out that we quite enjoyed the noodles despite eating and tasting non stop since dawn 🤣

A nice stinging hot sambal to spice up the noodles if you like it hot, and for dipping the dumplings. 

The set came with homely savoury sweet ABC soup of carrot, potatoes and tomatoes. Though I am not a big fan, it is good for me lah.... 😀

An enjoyable simple meal. Definitely will be back to try their chive dumpling, soup dumpling, and their popular stewed chicken feet and pork intestine.

Restaurant name: Danji Pudu

Address: 295, Jalan Pudu, Pudu, 55200 Kuala Lumpur,


Nearest LRT: 5 minutes walk from Pudu station

Tel: +6016 239 9961

Hours: 9am - 2pm | 5pm - 9pm

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Written by Tony Boey on 15 Jun 2024

A simple and clear introduction of Danji at their old location

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  1. Those dumplings looks succulent and brimful of filling.


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