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Kam's Roast Express @ Ion Food Opera Orchard Road Singapore 甘牌燒味

Passed Kam's Roast at Food Opera food court in Ion Orchard. Always wanted to try Kam's Roast in Hong Kong but haven't got a chance to go there in the last two decades 🥹

That smart golden coat like a starched golden shirt stopped me in my tracks. That shiny sheen, glistening, slowly dripping grease, it's like those neon sirens calling out to me. 

I couldn't resist. I couldn't wait until Hong Kong. Maybe after this, there is no need anymore. Let's see. 

Anyway Food Opera in the heart of Orchard Road is one of my favourite food courts in Singapore. I like the cleanliness, comfort, atmospherics and wide variety of food stalls here, so why not. 

We browsed Kam's Roast's menu - there's roast duck, pork belly, char siew, soya sauce chicken, rice and egg noodles. 

For roast duck, $66 a bird, $19.50 a quarter, not bad lah in today's economy. 

So, here we are. A lower quarter bird and kosong egg noodles. Total $22 something. 

First impression was the duck we were served didn't have the same sheen and gleam of those birds in the window, that attracted us 🤔

Not as evenly roasted, the skin was a little rumpled instead of that smooth glazed looking flat sheet in the window. 

The meat was tender and moist. The skin was thin, but not crisp and there was almost no fat underneath.

Neither succulent nor crisp.

The marinade and seasoning were mainly savoury but felt a little flat with little spice or herb flavour.

The roast duck came doused in thick yellow brown colour sauce which was savoury, nutty, aromatic. I like it. The sauce added flavourful layers to the savoury taste of the duck, making it more delicious.

Next time, I shall try an upper quarter cut.

Many people are fans of Kam's Roast Express.

But, the roast ducks I like has more robust marinade and seasoning, the spice and herb flavour bursting through the savoury saltiness. The tender juicy meat is infused with savoury seasoning and spice flavours. The crackly crisp skin breaks with every bite and releases warm, slightly gamey juices from the melt-in-the-mouth fat below. 

Now, I can't wait for my next Hong Kong trip to try the OG Kam's Roast over there. 

Stall name: Kam's Roast 甘牌燒味

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-03/04 Food Opera @ ION, Singapore 238801

Nearest MRT: At Orchard MRT station

Hours: 10am - 9:30pm

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Written by Tony Boey on 18 Jun 2024

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