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Yue Jiang Chun Restaurant • Huaiyang Cuisine near Jinshan Temple in Zhenjiang 镇江 • 悦江春 • 淮扬菜

Day 2 in Zhenjiang city in Jiangsu, China. After visiting the vinegar culture museum of China and Jinshan Temple, I was looking forward to the Huaiyang cuisine lunch at Yue Jiang Chun 悦江春 at the foot of Jinshan. 

Last night's sumptuous dinner and lots of walking whetted my appetite 🤭

Grand entrance to 悦江春. It was a cloudless hot day in the middle of May in Zhenjiang 镇江, so we were eager to escape indoors. 

I don't have any pictures but the bright, spacious interior was elegant and comfortable with serene picturesque full length window views of the Yangtze River from your table.

镇江酥肉 Crispy pork and cha san 茶馓 (fried noodle) with sticks of crunchy raw cucumber, etc., wrapped in thin soft crepe. We will see cha san a few more times during our trip and I took a liking for it for its biscuity, crispy crunchiness and savoury flavour. 

白灼黑虎虾 Blanched fresh tiger prawns. 

鮰鱼 Stewed river catfish. Fishes from Jiangsu's rivers and lakes are always fresh and sweet, and well prepared. This stewed catfish was a fine example. 

My favourite part of fishes, the oily soft belly at the pectoral fins. Sweet and no earthy or bitter taste at all.

日鱼 A different fish from the Yangtze, a different preparation (steamed and dressed with soy sauce) but the same fresh and delicious exquisite delight.

Thick and meaty. 

野菜鱼珠羹 Fish rolls in a starchy soup. River fish rolls (and balls) are soft, only slightly firmer than custard and just as smooth. I can taste the natural sweetness of fresh fish in these fish rolls.

水晶骨肉 Salted pork knuckle terrine is one of the food icons of Zhenjiang. It is salted pork knuckle, boiled, deboned, covered with pork stock and gelatine, and chilled. 

韭香腰花 Tender crunchy scored pork kidney with chives. 

肉酱蚕豆 Broad beans stewed with minced pork.

五谷丰登 Steamed five roots / grains / nuts.

镇江汤包 Zhenjiang soup dumplings. 

清汤菊花脑 Aromatic chrysanthemum nankingense wild vegetable with pork soup. We had a similar soup dish last night

白灼广东菜心 That familiar Cantonese style soft crunchy juicy blanched choy sum greens dressed with savoury soy sauce. 

蒜营炒空心菜 The simple and humble kang kong stir fried with chopped garlic. It's tasty and good for you 😁

大煮干丝 Love this Huaiyang cuisine icon, julienned tofu. It looks and felt like soft springy crunchy noodles but as it is made by handcuttig tofu, it has the taste of soy bean curd.

One of the characteristics of Huaiyang cuisine is how they use knife skill / art to transform familiar, ordinary ingredients into iconic dishes. Another example is the "squirrel fish" (but we didn't have it during this trip).

锅盖面 Wok cover noodles, an icon of Zhenjiang cuisine. We had the "red" version which is blanched noodles in a soup of chicken / pork stock with soy sauce, vinegar, fermented soy bean paste, spices like star anise, cinnamon, etc. Must try when you are in Zhenjiang. I have a detailed wok cover noodle story here.


When you visit Zhenjiang's historic Jinshan Temple, an enjoyable meal at Yue Jiang Chun Restaurant 悦江春 would complete your visit deliciously.

Stall name: Yue Jiang Chun 悦江春

Address: 镇江市金山路62号 (中山北路和长江路交叉口西北角) | 62 Jin Shan Road, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China

Tel: (0511) 8803 7777

Hours: Lunch | Dinner

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Written by Tony Boey on 4 Jun 2024

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  1. That is the right way to slice bony freshwater fishes in order to break up its tiny bones into edible parts. I learnt that from the fishmongers in the Amazon.


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