Friday, 6 July 2012

BR 新国花 Coffee Shop Salt Grilled Fish 盐烧鱼 Stall in Permas Jaya (near JUSCO), Johor Bahru

I just had my dinner when I was attracted by these bright lights like a moth to a candle. With such a buzz, I figured that there must be something that drew such a crowd on a Thursday evening. So, I pulled over along Jalan Permas 10/6 to check out the stalls for future reference. There were many stalls selling hawker fare such as oh chien, char kway teow, claypot rice, satay and more. I resisted all of them as my stomach was already full. But there was one stall that I couldn't resist.

At the corner of BR coffee shop, there is a salt grilled fish 盐烧鱼 stall - I've never seen fresh grilled fish at a coffee shop before. So, I stopped and watched fascinated at the busy lady boss in frantic action.

After much contemplation on a full stomach, I gave in and ordered a grilled fish for myself.

Preparation of the fish starts with the boss rubbing a coat of salt onto the very fresh tilapia fish.

How fresh was the fish? Look at those bright eyes of the tilapia on the grill. 

The fish with skin and scales on, were then put on top of a red hot charcoal grill.

When the fish was nicely grilled, the boss carefully cut and lifted the skin.

She then sprinkled a special homemade flavouring powder on the fish.

The fish is then served with their special homemade chili sauce. The grilled fish was delicious. The thick juicy sweet flesh was tender yet firm. The flavouring powder brought out the freshness of the flesh while the hot and tangy chili sauce enhanced its flavour. There was no hint of any fishy smell or taste at all. The large grilled fish that I had, cost RM19. (Note that the fish skin is not to be eaten.)

The boss runs the stall alone and demand for her salt grilled fish is high. Waiting time can be long especially during peak hours. Fortunately, most people order the grilled fish along with other food from the coffee shop, so they can start eating while waiting for the fish.

I'll be back at BR 新国花 coffee shop for the grilled fish and to try out the other interesting stalls.

Restaurant name: Salt Grilled Fish 盐烧鱼 Stall in BR 新国花 Coffee Shop
Address: Corner coffee shop at the junction of Jalan Permas 10/6 and Jalan Permas 10/5 
GPS: 1.497612,103.813408
Hours: 6:00pm till sold out (usually about 10:00pm)
Non Halal

Date visited: 5 July 2012


  1. nice pictures! feel hungry now

    1. Do u taste the mud taste inherent in many of the meat of these stagnant pond water fishes? :)


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