Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Chicken Rice and Roast Meat @ Restoran New Peking 北京起骨海南鸡饭 in Skudai, Johor

Chicken Rice

You know an eatery is special when local people uses it as reference point for surrounding places. In Skudai, property agents often use New Peking chicken rice 北京起骨海南鸡饭 as the reference point for properties for rent or sale. You often see advertisements that say "room for rent near new New Peking chicken rice".

One may think New Peking chicken rice is some posh and prominent banquet hall, but no, it is just an ordinary looking kopitiam with a sun bleached signboard in an area which has several other chicken rice and roast meat stalls.

I stumbled upon New Peking chicken rice while looking for a light lunch. This chicken thigh and siew yok (roasted pork belly) set costs RM6.

New Peking's chicken thigh was tender and juicy with natural sweetness.

New Peking's siew yok (roasted pork belly) has one of the crispiest skin that I have tasted.

The rice was fragrant with lemon grass and pandan, while the grains were not-too-oily, firm and separate, yet tender.

Look at this meaty, tender, succulent and velvety smooth chicken perfumed with fragrant sauce. I didn't eat the boiled chicken this time round but just looking at it makes my mouth water.

Every chicken rice stall includes a small bowl of soup with their meal but New Peking serves a delicious herbal soup that has a subtle ginseng fragrance.

New Peking's comprehensive set of condiments. The chili sauce was spicy hot, tangy, and slightly sweet - nice :) The grounded ginger was so good, I couldn't resist eating some on its own.

The dark soy sauce was a nice balance of sweet and salty, and many customers asked for a generous drizzle on their packet rice.

New Peking 北京海南鸡饭 is a chicken rice and roast meat shop that I would gladly come back to. 

Restaurant name: Restaurant New Peking 北京起骨海南鸡饭
Address: 4, Jalan Ronggeng 11, Taman Skudai Baru, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.529996,103.663880
Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Non Halal
Date visited: 2 Jul 2012

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  1. went 1 weeks ago. the 白切鸡 was not bad ( there are better ones ). however, the char siew and roast pork were way below par , they were dry and did not taste good , luckily we ordered only a small portion.


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