Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Anjung Senibong Malay Sea Food at Kampung Senibong, Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

We went to Senibong Seafood Village with our long time buddies for Halal seafood. Senibong Seafood Village is a stretch of six or seven seafood restaurants in Kampung Senibong in Permas Jaya. All the seafood restaurants here have dining sections over the beach and face the Straits of Johor. We can see Singapore on the other side.

As there were several seafood restaurants here, we took our time to look at each of them. We looked at their seafood on display for freshness, had a glimpse of their kitchens, their customers and what were on their tables.

After a couple of rounds, we settled on Anjung Senibong Malay Sea Food although there was really nothing that clearly told the restaurants apart, without first trying their food.

Anjung Senibong Malay Sea Food is very well appointed, and like the rest, it also had an outdoor dining area on stilts. As the weather was excellent and breezy that evening, we naturally opted for al fresco dining to enjoy the view and sea breeze.

We enjoyed our company and we were all happy with our choice of restaurant that evening. Here's what the four of us had that night.

La la RM15

First, the la la (shellfish). The la la fried in spicy sambal were fresh and well cleaned. No trace of sand or dirt at all. The la la were not plump but were nicely chewy and the spicy sambal was savoury, fragrant and not overly spicy hot. All of us liked this dish.
Cereal prawns RM20

The cereal prawns won the most praise. The flesh was fresh, thick, firm yet tender. The cereal batter was crispy and helped brought out the naturally sweet flavours of the fresh succulent flesh very well. The deep fried cereal batter was crisp and not oily.
Seafood mee goreng RM9

The seafood mee goreng or noodles fried in seafood stock had that much appreciated distinct seafood umami flavour.

The accompanying mussels, sotong and prawns were fresh and juicy. The noodles went so fast, I actually didn't have a chance to sample it and had to rely on my companions' feedback for these comments :P By the looks of the noodles and the expressions on my friends' faces as they quickly slurped up the noodles, they must be yummy :)
Chili crabs RM51

The chili crab was fried in sambal chili and was the dry type, not the syrupy textured gravy type which I am more used to. This dry style turned out to the nice too.

The crabs were fresh and meaty, and naturally sweet too. This crab dish also got high marks from all of us.
Sotong RM28

The sotong was naturally sweet and the delicately flavoured curry spices brought that out well. The dish was in the drier style. Personally, I prefer my sotong to be served with a more drippy gravy that would help keep the sotong flesh soft while retaining its spring.
Fried kai lan RM10

The simple fried fresh leafy greens were tasty and all disappeared very fast. We liked the savoury gravy though one of my friends felt it was a little on the salty side.

We enjoyed our dinner at Anjung Senibong Malay Sea Food. The total bill with drinks came to RM145 which we felt was reasonable for the amount and quality of food we had, in a nice seaside restaurant with sea view and breeze.

Restaurant name: Anjung Senibong Malay Sea Food
Address: 4, Persisir Pantai Senibong, Kampung Senibong, Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/TNNV4
GPS: 1.484986,103.817496
Hours: 6:00pm to midnight

Date visited: 4 Oct 2012


  1. Prawns looks very yummy and so does the mee goreng!

    1. Yup the prawns were great and as for the noodles, my dining companions went ga ga over it and forgot about me :P We are that close hehehe :))

  2. Could receive Singtel broadband here ˆ•ˆ

    1. LOL that's a plus point for Singaporeans :) save on data charges :P

  3. Looks very interesting... Any tips on secured car parking? Safe?

  4. RM2 to park in Senibong Seafood Village itself. Looks OK and so far no problems with the usual precautions e.g. nothing valuable on dashboard etc :)

  5. 18 bucks for that portion of sotong is daylight robbery. even san low seafood which has gotten more expensive over the years dosent charge that much for sotong. another offender is the botak assam fish place. their sotong is ridiculously priced as well. a measly portion for 15 bucks. How much is the crab per kilo? 51 sounds decent but wondering how big the portion was.

  6. I heard abt this place. In fact, wanted to visit this place for dinner when I went into JB in Aug. But what deters me was the fear that cab driver will just anyhow charge me or bring me else where as its far from the causeway.

    In the end I went to San Low Seafood (as u saw in my earlier posts).

    Can I check with you, any idea how much the cab fare will be from causeway and duration of the journey?


  7. The noodles look really yummy. Is it spicy?

    1. It's not spicy according to my friends who ate it all :)

  8. do u have their contact number? tried googling but found none so far :(

    1. You can call Zainal at 013-784-9476

  9. Decided to bring friends to try anjung seafood on 29Dec based on your good review. It was a big mistake on my part.
    Not withstanding the sat night crowd, the service at anjung was practically Non existant for our group.
    firstly, most of the staff unable to speak a word of english.. ordering the food was big hassle. asking whether can do fish,crabs in certain style all also cannot or must check with cook. Finally managed to get the order donw = drinks. We waited like 40mins+ and nothing was served to our table. despite many chasing to the captain/cashier.. no improvement. At the cashier, even a malay couple who was paying their bill agreed that our service was bad, an that they had come later than us but already finish eating an paying the bill.
    when the food eventually arrived, the rice was not served until much later.cutlery had to self service.
    Nothing special about the food.. fish was not descaled properly.

    When we had finished and paying the bill.. cashier can even say not to come on weekends as they cannot cope with the crowd.. i appreciate her honesty, but how come other groups can be served normally an we, the only chinese grp there get this kind of service.

    Frankly, I will Not ever Go again to this place.. standard of food and service and even pricing nothing special at all.


  10. Went to Anjung Senibong Malay Sea Food for dinner on 19 Oct 2013 with wife and kids. Ordered from the menu. Unscrupulous billing as we were billed RM51.60 for squid in Nestum. Menu stated price as only about RM20+ for a (M) plate. Enquired further as to why there was discrepancy with the price listed in the menu but was met with silence. Squid billed was according to weight (645gms). Needless to say, that worked out to be RM80/kg for the squid! Price listed for squid on the pricing board was only RM70/kg. Other items ordered from the menu were billed according to price stated in menu. Taste-wise, the squid and kerabu beef were nicely done. The rest, fried kangkung, fried rice and tomyam noodles were only so-so. Be careful when eating there. Not exactly a very pleasant experience.

  11. How about transportation? Taxi? Is it easy to get to and from KSL hotel?

    1. Seriously not worth the bother getting to Kg Senibong from KSL. No public transportation (including taxis) in that area, which is rather isolated.

  12. I am craving for lobster. Do they have it at the restaurant?

    1. Most of the restaurants at Senibong have lobsters but they are not live.

  13. Avoid this place..very bad in everything..nothing special at all..waiting time of 1.5 hours to get your order to the table..arrogant yet stupid of an owner..zero hygiene..except few workers who are a bit polite..!!!

  14. I find chalet at kg senibong. How I find contact number

  15. Very bad experience dine at this place , seafood not fresh, order not served and morst irrigation will be too many begging going on , every 10 mins . Not recommend to dine at this place price also expensive cooking no standards.


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