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Spinach Mee Hoon Kueh @ Spinach Noodle House 菠菜面专卖店 in Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

mee hoon kueh

I always like lots of greens with my meals and so when I heard about Spinach Noodle House 菠菜面专卖店 which blends spinach into their noodles, I immediately decided that I must try this.

We were expecting a buzzing restaurant as Spinach Noodle House is, after all, located in Taman Johor Jaya - one of Johor Bahru's eating hot spots. So we were pretty surprised to see a rather quiet restaurant at about 9:00am on a Wednesday. Spinach Noodle House seemed to have had its heydays and business looked decidedly slow.

Nevertheless, we did not let that dampen our enthusiasm and decided to still give Spinach Noodle House a try.
mee hoon kueh

I requested for a spinach mee hoon kueh. These were roughly hand torn pieces of flat sheets of flour dough with real spinach blended into the flour. Spinach mee hoon kueh had that pretty slight greenish tone, which looked invitingly delicious to me.
mee hoon kueh

The broth was clear and loaded with fish balls, pork balls, fish cake slices, fried ikan bilis and shallot crackles.

mee hoon kueh

The spinach mee hoon kueh was good. It was floppy yet el dente. The clear broth was not oily and it was savoury, being helped along by the fried ikan bilis and shallot crackles. 

Spinach Noodle House also serves yong tau foo to complement the mee hoon kueh or noodles. We, however, opted for a bowl of spinach in soup.

The spinach soup turned out to the highlight for me. I loved the taste of fresh spinach, plain simple, nice and healthy.

The light broth and shallot crackles brought out the spinach's fresh flavours really well.

The food at Spinach Noodle House was pretty tasty but somehow, it was not pulling in the crowds. I could only speculate that perhaps, spinach noodles and spinach mee hoon kueh are not as appealing nowadays, and are pretty much niche items.

Well, I'll continue to support Spinach Noodle House as I like the food here and spinach is good for me :)

Click on the photo to view the video feature on Spinach Noodle House by Fatbook Production.

Spinach Noodle House

Restaurant name: Spinach Noodle House 菠菜面专卖店
Address: 51, Jalan Dedap 7, Taman Johor Jaya, Johor bahru
GPS: 1.541205,103.804793
Hours: 07:00am to 6:30pm (Closed on Monday)
Non Halal

Date visited: 26 Sep 2012


  1. and I believe it make the soup more sweet too =)

  2. Hi Tony,

    This place used to be really popular and packed, till about a couple of years ago. What happened was I believed they had a change of management, and their food standard dropped significantly in 2012 - 2013, to the point it was not worth eating there anymore. However, they have recently started picking up the slack and i think business is slowly coming back (although it is still nowhere near how well they used to do). Their kueh is so smooth and slippery its almost like eating kuey tiow! i always order a side of fried fish to go along with my bowl of MHK :)

    1. Thank you Lilian for your comments. Looks like I need to revisit soon :D

  3. That is not 菠菜面专卖店 but 菠菜板面专卖店.The original 菠菜面专卖店 is located in Jalan Dedap 21

    1. Thank you for the info Kurobatto. I shall look for the shop you suggested.


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