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WGOIJB Second Makan Blitz @ Cedar Point Food Centre in Taman Century Garden (Near to Hotel Paragon), Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Cedar Point food centre in Taman Century (near to Hotel Paragon) was the venue for our second WGOIJB (What is Going On In JB Facebook Page) Makan Blitz and it was great to see our Johor Kakis grew quickly in numbers!

We had a great time making new friends and trying out Johor hawker food together.

There were so many food stalls at Cedar Point that we had to confine ourselves mainly to a third of the stalls, towards the back part of the food centre. That just means that we will be back for those stalls which we did not managed to try out tonite. (If you need a landmark for Cedar Point, it's just at the foot of Hotel Grand Paragon.)
Pork satay from Tampoi Satay
As we sat quite close to the satay stalls, naturally these were the first that got our attention. The satays from both stalls were well received. Several Kakis were big fans of Tampoi Satay's pork satays.

Chicken wings and pork satay from Kimdo BBQ

The signage on this stall says Taman Sentosa Kimdo BBQ. Besides pork satay, it had Kimdo's signature "one-bone" chicken wings which were well liked by our Kakis.
BBQ sambal stingray from Ikan Bakar Sin Kee
Sin Kee Ikan Bakar was another favourite. We had their popular stingray in spicy sambal. The stingray was tender and fresh while the thick spicy sambal was greasy, almost creamy. Everybody loved it.

We also had Sin Kee's grilled lady's fingers and petai. Petai lovers must try this :)
Cuttlefish kangkong from stall no. 85
Another stall which received many orders from our Kakis was the cuttlefish kangkong stall (no.85). The vegetables were fresh and the tangy, spicy gravy was tasty. The cuttlefish was a little firmer than my personal preference but everyone else seemed to like it this way.

One of the more adventurous Kakis couldn't resist ordering these giant cockles (also from stall no. 85). I am not sure who, if anyone among us, liked it. I and Alan Cole tried it, and felt it tasted salty - Alan said it reminded him of a mouthful of sea water. To me, it was like blood. The taste we got when we were young and when we licked our open wounds after we skinned our elbows and knees, because our buddy said it'll help it heal. Anyone, remembers? Anyway, the taste of blood lingered too long in the mouth for my liking. By the way, these giant cockles moved off stall no. 85 rather fast, so there are connoisseurs who have acquired the taste and know how to appreciate these.

BBQ chicken wings from Hong Kee
Most of our Kakis liked Hong Kee's BBQ chicken wings. Simple, nothing fanciful, the same old chicken wings that we could have done ourselves at home or on picnics, and that was perhaps it's charm. Good old, bonding food. Took us back to those times when we sat around the dying embers of a BBQ pit and toasted the last chicken wings, and the night away.

The stall owner MR Yong and his wife had been running this same stall, the same way for 27 years!
Mango salad from Thai Food stall
This Thai mango salad was delightfully tasty. I would include it in my Must Try list when in Cedar Point. The slivers of nearly ripe mango, carrots, bean sprouts, ikan bilis and cut chili peppers on a bed of lettuce were pretty normal but the sauce was really something. It was a fish sauce based blend of perky tangy, sweet, spicy hot and savoury with savouriness as the main flavour. Pick up a mouthful of the salad and chew it, and voooom... it was "appetite opening" to borrow the Chinese expression.
Claypot chicken rice
The claypot chcken rice stall won some new fans tonight. The claypot rice was a little soggier than what we expected and there were also very little, if any, of those charred rice bits expected of claypot rice. However, what this claypot chicken rice lacked, it more than made up for by its flavours. Cooked with a special chicken and bone broth, it was tasty and flavourful. In fact, this could be the preferred style of claypot rice for those people who do not like charred bits in their food.
Claypot mee sua

One of our Kakis Thomas was a big fan of this claypot mee sua and was recommending it to everyone. The broth was syrupy in consistency and was quite tasty. The skinny and soft mee sua soaked up the broth very well. The pork ribs were tender and sweet. This claypot mee sua got some new fans tonite. I forgot to take a picture of this stall. This claypot noodles stall, is just beside the claypot chicken rice stall on it's left hand side.

These are just the few stalls we tried last nite at Cedar Point, there are many more interesting stalls that we need to come back for.

Cedar Point Food Centre
Address: Jalan Musang Bulan 2-16, Taman Century, 80250 Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.481492,103.762167
Hours: Daily 6:00pm to midnight
Halal and Non Halal availabe

Date visited: 20 Oct 2012


  1. That claypot mee sua looks yummy! Must have been very boiling! ;P

  2. The cockles & shells cost RM 15.00 per plate. So expensive. And the stall owner do not display the price of food. I would advise people not to visit that stall (No 85).I tasted the cockles & rojak from the stall. Definitely not up to standard and overly priced.

  3. this place is fantastic. lots of parking and live footy broadcast.
    thanks for the intro

    1. Glad you like this place too :)

    2. lyn and brian mildenhall6 January 2014 at 10:57

      My husband and have been eating at these food stalls for about 3 years. We have holidays twice a year in Malaysia and always spend time in JB, and as we stay at the Grand Paragon it is so convenient. The Ikan Bakar stall with the sambal stingray is awesome. Lyn and Brian Mildenhall


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