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Hong Kong Porridge 粥 Congee @ Kaka Lok Restaurant 家家樂 in Johor Jaya, JB


Hong Kong styled porridge 粥 or congee is one of my favourite comfort foods but I didn't see many stalls selling this classic Cantonese dish in Johor Bahru. Kaka Lok restaurant in Taman Johor Jaya is one of the few and fortunately their Hong Kong porridge or congee is good and popular :)

If the name Kaka Lok sounded familiar, it probably reminded you of the chain of bitter gourd soup restaurants known as Kah Kah Loke. Actually, more than 10 years ago, the bitter gourd soup stall and Hong Kong porridge stall shared this same premises in Kaka Lok restaurant. Later, the bitter gourd soup stall expanded and moved out, and the Hong Kong porridge stall remained.


I liked the texture of Kaka Lok's Hong Kong porridge. It was thick, globbly, heavy yet smooth. It's texture was somewhere precisely at the mid point between steamed rice and watery Teochew styled porridge (which I also liked). The Cantonese call it "cottony" or 棉.

To make Cantonese styled porridge, rice is boiled for many hours with fresh lean pork together with dried scallops and cuttlefish, to extract their distinctive savoury flavours. Pork and seafood umami always blend well.


Additional ingredients such as fresh lean pork, minced pork, century eggs, pulled chicken meat, cuttlefish, fresh fish slices, frog legs and so on are added into the piping hot porridge on customers' orders before serving.


We just had fresh minced pork added which was tender and delicious. The porridge was garnished with spring onions, shallot crackles and yaw char kwai (youtiao).


Crispy yaw char kwai is a popular add on to go with the congee.


We also had a glass of Kaka Lok's famous home made soya bean drink. Kaka Lok's old school soya bean drink was creamy rich and robust with fresh soya bean taste and flavour. I had drank at countless soya bean stalls and Kaka Lok's was one of the very best. Definitely a Must Try.

Kaka Lok also has a chee cheong fun station making fresh chee cheong fun. We were too full, so we just took these photographs and save the food tasting for later.



Kaka Lok's chee cheong fun station was receiving a constant stream of orders and the chee cheong fun did looked enticingly delicious.


I am surely coming back for these.

->> Traditional filling, delicious, affordable, no frills, simple Cantonese style breakfast done just right. Comfort food at it's unpretentious best.

Another popular porridge stall you can try is in Taman Century near the KSL Mall 👈 click


Restaurant name: Kaka Lok Restaurant 家家樂香港粥
Address: 71, Jalan Dedap 4, Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.541239,103.803610
Hours: 6:30am to 8:00pm (Closed on Monday)

Non Halal

Date visited: 25 Sep 2012

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Coincidentally, I was craving for these KakaLok porridge and I came upon ur blog. Have to say, this is one of my fav porridge in town too! Love all the JB food posts :)

  2. big mistake coming to take a look at this post at this timing. Now I am so hungry!!!

    Well taken photos! I want to eat the porridge

  3. We tried frog porridge for 4 adults and had a bad experience.
    The frog meat was brownish in colour and awful taste. The lady
    boss blamed it on the knife used to cut up the meat. She was
    not honest to admit. If the frog meat is fresh, it should be whitish
    in colour.

  4. The porridge is not bad though they do put in a fair bit of MSG. They do have a wide range of porridge though. But I still prefer the classic one in Taman Century cooked by the old lady. I would give this chee cheong fun a miss if I were you... it's too soft & mushy. For the best chee cheong fun, go to Tmn Sri Tebrau hawker center.

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