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Homemade Chocolate Cakes at Chocolicious House in Johor Baru, Malaysia

Chocolicious House was started by an enterprising young couple Yan and Aida early this year.

Word about Chocolicious House's delicious chocolate cakes spread quickly through word of mouth and on the Internet.

The lusciously delicious chocolate cakes were spongy soft, moist and not overly sweet. (I am eating them as I wrote this :) ) They are definitely addictive and people have found them very hard to put down, once they've started.

The little cakes are made using Yan's mum's own recipe. Yan has been watching and helping his mum make cakes at home since he was a child. So, it is little wonder then that Yan is so passionate about his cakes.

Aida too has learnt the fine art from Yan and his mum.
The freshly steamed chocolate cakes.

Customers order Chocolicious House's chocolate cakes to enjoy at home, and the large orders are for functions like weddings and corporate events. For functions, Yan put these bite size chocolate cakes in pretty little boxes that make attractive door gifts and souvenirs. Yan has an artistic flair and he painstakingly hand decorates each pretty little box. (I must remember to take a picture of these boxes, next time.)

Yan and Aida are getting more catering orders for functions now as word got around about their delicious cakes in pretty little gift boxes.

Yan and Aida are very enterprising and accommodating to customer requirements. For example, they can set up dessert tables for functions according to customer specifications. Yan and Aida already has plans underway to expand their range of cakes to include baked items. Chocolicious House will also be launching special goodies for the coming Chinese New Year. They plan that far ahead :)

Chocolicious House has orders from JB (of course) and also from as far away as Malacca and KL. Orders have even come from Singapore.

As no preservatives were used in Chocolicious House's cakes, it is best to eat the cakes within 3 days of purchase. Yan and Aida have never heard of any problems with that as Chocolicious cakes are so irresistible, they won't be around for that long anyway.

Restaurant name: Chocolicious House
Contact: Yan on 0127100886 or Aida on 0172211231.

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