Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ice Kacang (Air Batu Campur) at Azmie Wawa in Kampung Malayu Food Court, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Ice Kacang
Azmie Wawa ABC Special RM3

Recently, my friends have been raving about the ice kacang or air batu campur or ABC for short, in Kampung Malayu. The funny thing is that none of my friends knew the name of the stall - just go to the food court in Kampung Malayu and find the ABC stall with the longest queue, they say.

Ice Kacang

One hot afternoon, I headed to the food court in Kampung Malayu opposite the clinic and ESSO gas station, and true enough, found this stall easily. My friends were right, this stall has the longest queue I've ever seen for an ABC joint. For the record, this popular ABC stall is known as Azmie Wawa. It's such a nice and easy name to recall, I wonder why people aren't bothered to remember it :)

Ice Kacang

The three young partners were constantly busy, making their famous ABC to satisfy the queue of waiting customers. Some were taking away six to a dozen tubs.We didn't have to wait long though because Azmie Wawa has a very systematic and efficient way of making the ABC.

Ice Kacang

It's like a well oiled conveyor belt, assembly line system. The ingredients like attap seeds, grass jelly, boiled red beans, and others were scooped in at one end.

Ice Kacang

At the other end, the overworked ice shaving machine was whirling crazily and churning out the tubs of shaved ice non stop.

Ice Kacang

In the middle station, another partner drizzled red and yellow coloured syrup, and chocolate sauce from large squeeze bottles. I saw that this partner had to frequently recharge his squeeze bottles because they were quickly emptied :)  

Ice Kacang

The ABC was as delicious as it was pretty. Fluffy syrup sweetened ice, scoop of cool ice cream, interesting bits of treasures at the bottom, and crunchy roasted nuts on top. ABC is man's greatest creation to beat the heat, besides air conditioning :)

Ice Kacang

And, Azime Wawa's ABC is one of Johor's coolest hot favourites :)

Restaurant name: Azmie Wawa ABC
Address: At the food court off Jalan Tebrau Lama, opposite the clinic and ESSO gas station
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/F7jJn
GPS: 1.514515,103.757286
Hours: 12:00 noon to 11:00pm daily

Date visited: 9 Oct 2012

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  1. it's getting pretty cold here in London but didn't stop my mouth from watering and wanting some of these!!!

    1. Looks nice but hygiene is a problem. Hands are not gloved. ingredient are not kept in chilled containers.

  2. Depan mesjid kampung melayu

  3. OMG..!! sedap nyer,,, terliur ceq neng0k.. <3

  4. Do you know if they've moved?


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