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Soi 19 SabX2 Thai Wantan Mee Pratunam Bangkok JK1151

Restaurant name: SabX2 Wantan Noodles
Address: 4/32-33 Petchburi Soi 19, Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand
GPS13.751581, 100.538612
Hours: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Non Halal

Soi-19-SabX2-Thai-Wantan-Noodles- Mee-Pratunam-Bangkok

SabX2 wantan noodles is probably the most famous Thai style wantan mee shop known to tourists visiting Bangkok. 


SabX2 wantan noodles is located in the Pratunam tourist shopping mecca. It's on a busy side street off the main road across from Platinum Fashion Mall on Phetchburi Soi 19 - just steps diagonally across from Shibuya 19 Shopping Mall and Glow Pratunam Hotel.


The chef cooking the noodles outside the air conditioned dining area works fast and with gusto and flamboyance. He kept us entertained while we queued outside - there is always a line waiting outside SabX2 wantan noodles during our visits.


While we waited for our wanton noodles, streams of tourists kept trooping into the busy, packed air conditioned restaurant. The cool of the restaurant was a welcome relief from the dust and scorching heat of Bangkok streets.

Ordering is easy for Mandarin speakers as the friendly waitress speaks some Mandarin.


We each indulged in a "special" dry version at BT100 (there is also a "soup" version). There is a "normal" version at BT60. The noodles came quite fast - within 10 minutes despite the bursting full house.


The small ball of house made egg noodles would leave most guys half full or half hungry.


The house made noodles were cooked soft al dente. The tossing sauce was sparse which left the noodles a little dry. The mainly lard based sauce was mostly porcine in flavour which is the noodles' main appeal. Fried bits of pork lard crackers added more crackly porky flavour and interesting texture to the noodles.

(SabX2 also sells their egg noodles, uncooked at BT400 per 2 kg bag.)


I sprinkled in the dry chilli powder which added a nice spicy sting to the noodles. There are also cut green chilli pickle floating in vinegar, fish sauce and white sugar for people who like more flavours in their wantan mee.


The char siew (roast pork) slices made with lean meat were slightly dry and fibrous with little flavour. There were small pieces of crab meat in the bowl of noodles. The tender white crab meat was tasty and an interesting touch to the bowl of wantan noodles. (Not sure if the "normal" BT60 version comes with crab meat.) 


The good sized wantans were average tasting savoury sweet minced pork dumplings.

The accompanying broth was a simple savoury sweet pork soup with bits of chye poh (preserved radish). The soup is served in a communal bowl per table to be shared, not individually.


The famous Soi 19 SabX2 wantan mee stall is super accessible as it is located in the centre of the Pratunam shopping belt which is like a mecca for shopping tourists. As we walked around Bangkok, we spotted many other less famous Thai Style wanton mee stalls along the streets which I love to try. Now, I am motivated to try more Thai style wantan mee in Bangkok (because there has to be better wanton mee than this in Bkk ;-p ).

Back in Singapore, the Thai style wantan mee stall in Ang Mo Kio does a good rendition of this noodle.

My kaki's take on SabX2 😂 He always make me laugh until cry until laugh..... X2

Date visited: 11 Jun 2015

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  1. my guess will be SABX2 actually is from issan. Aroi in Thai and Sab (or Seb) in issan.

  2. Hello! May be you will also be interested in HK style wonton noodles in Bangkok? The name is called Gokfayuen and it's just few steps away from SABX2

  3. I personally feel it's a waste of time for the queue, it's really not worth the hype. WE can simply pop in any shops in Malaysia or Singapore and of course hongkong to get 100 times better wantan mee than that. That was just a mere normal bowl of wantan mee without extra deliciousness.

    This is just my two-cents however my friend and I was totally disappointed when we took our first bite, it's just tooo normal.


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