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Meeting Amazing Patrizia Perucca in JB. Florence Grandmother Rounding the Earth on Foot


Friends who know me well enough to ask me "what is your dream" will know that I dream of doing an overland trip either self drive or by public transport from Singapore to London or Beijing while I am physically able. 

Today, I met an Italian grandmother who is doing something which I dare not even dream of. Patrizia Perucca is circumnavigating the world on foot 😱 After leaving home in Florence, Italy a year ago, Patrizia arrived in Johor Bahru after walking 14 countries. I dropped in on her just before she set off for Singapore.


Patrizia was already having her breakfast when I came to meet her at the guesthouse in Kampung Mahmoddiah in JB. I had hoped to introduce her to Laksa Johor but Patrizia only takes a light breakfast before setting off on her walks. Her usual breakfast is a big bowl of coffee with milk and biscuits.


Patrizia (age 56) has a son, daughter, and a grandson. She has a life long passion for backpacker style travelling. When Patrizia reached menopause, she decided to give herself a "big present" which is a round the world trip. She decided that on foot is the best way as it is the most affordable and it also allows her to know the countries and their people more intimately. Travelling by air or bus only lets one see the destinations. It's only when one travels on foot does one see the people and places along the route. Patrizia also enjoys walking itself.

To Patrizia, the journey is itself the creation, which she dedicates to all women, especially her contemporaries to inspire them to celebrate the opportunities and freedom of menopause.


Patrizia set off from her hometown Florence a year ago. This is the route she is taking for her round the world foot tour.


👟👟Italy - Slovenia - Croatia - Serbia - Bulgaria - Greece - Turkey - Georgia - Azerbaijan - Iran - India - Nepal - Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore - Indonesia - Australia - New Zealand - Canada - United States - Mexico - Guatemala - San Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Paraguay - Argentina - Uruguay - Portugal - Spain - France - Italy 👟👟

With Malaysia, she has done 14 countries and has another 24 more to go. Patrizia's walking world tour will take up to 4 years to complete.


During her journey, all of Patrizia's possessions and home are in this tricycle push cart. In it are her clothing, toiletries, tent, food and even a portable stove.


When she is on the road, Patrizia is most interested in meeting people - so walking is ideal. She also enjoys visiting museums because her father was a museum guard in Florence which is famous for its art. Patrizia recalled the batik museum in Penang fondly.

Patrizia also likes to visit gardens and is looking forward to visiting Singapore's Botanical Gardens at her next stop. I suggested that she may also want to visit Gardens by the Bay while she is in Singapore - to see the vintage and the modern.

Patrizia is not a big foodie 😂 But after some coaxing, she remembers Iran, her favourite country so far which warm people left her the deepest impression. The Iranians were constantly inviting her to their homes to stay and for meals. Patrizia said she put on 3 kilos in weight before she left Iran 😄


A journey on foot and sleeping in a tent, of course, has it challenges but sprightly Patrizia takes it all in her stride. The only time Patrizia had to seek medical help was when she was bitten by a dog in Thailand.

Another challenge is the weather and here in Malaysia, Patrizia walked right into above 90% humidity, blistering blazing sun with sudden thundery rainstorms.


Patrizia keeps a blog about her amazing journey which she updates whenever possible (about once a week). Follow Patrizia's blog here 👈 click


I wish Patrizia the best, good health and safety in her incredible journey 👏👏👏

Hey Tony, it's about time to get off your butt 😰

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Date: 18 Apr 2018

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  1. Hi I love her trip around the world , your blog is cool!!
    I'm doing a Documentary about Patrizia journey !! @documentariowalkyourdream


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