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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Where do Singapore Celebrity Chefs Eat Off Work? Chef Damian D'Silva @ Barakath Restaurant

Curry Lamb Shank @ Barakath Restaurant

When makan kakis suggested lunch at Barakath Restaurant, I looked forward to it as I had been wanting to try their curry lamb shank bones since reading celebrity chef Damian D’Silva calling this place his “pukul mati" fix (Malay for “beat until you die”).

Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane

Barakath restaurant at Dalhousie Lane is one of dozens of small eateries serving traditional Indian dishes on banana leaves in Singapore's "Little India". The type of dishes may be different but Indian banana leaf restaurants are like Chinese "economic rice 经济饭 or mixed dishes rice 杂菜饭" and Malay "nasi campur" shops.

Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane

The phrase “pukul mati” (“beat until you die”) refers to the free flow of rice which traditional Indian banana leaf restaurants serve. They're the favourite of workers as a tasty affordable way to fuel their work day.

 Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane

Barakath owner Ismail had been running the restaurant for nearly twenty years. It was founded by his father as a no name stall in Tekka Arcade and when it moved here at Dalhousie Lane, Ismail named it after his daughter Barakath.

Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane

Barakath Restuarant serves a wide range of home cooked style Indian dishes. Ismail said the recipes were from his father, wife and also from himself.

Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane

Today, they were serving Hyderabadi briyani and on Fridays and Sundays, they have dum briyani.

Snapper Fish

Barakath Restaurant uses very fresh fish for their fish dishes. Ismail personally handpicks his fish at Jurong Fish Port. To me, personal attention of the chef / owner on ingredients is a leading tell tale sign of a good restaurant.

Banana Leaf @ Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane
Banana Leaf @ Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane

Three of us, we shared two sets of mixed dishes served on a tray laid with a fresh banana leaf.

Chicken Dalcha @ Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane

Overall, the aromas and flavours at Barakath Restaurant were mild and well balanced. There was nothing overly pungent, nor too spicy, salty or sweet. We were able to taste the fresh ingredients' natural flavours. It was indeed like home cooking as Ismail said.

I enjoyed this Chicken Dalcha as the meat was tender and juicy. The curry was mild and I could taste the fresh chicken's natural subtle sweetness.

 Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane

We had this dry lamb curry which leaned slightly on the salty side. The meat was also slightly chewy, like a wetter (Indonesian) rendang.

Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane

This drippy lamb curry with bones was more to my liking. Mild savoury spicy flavours with underlying lamb gaminess all at gentle levels.

Curry Lamb Shank @ Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane

Of course, the lamb shank curry. We had three, one for each of us.

Curry Lamb Shank @ Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane

The meat, tendon and fat attached to the shank were so... soft and juicy. It was well infused with the same mild savoury spicy flavours which complemented the lamb's natural gaminess. Those who knocked bones against the table top were rewarded with smooth rich taste of marrow. (Victor did but I forgot - what was on my mind? 😂 )

Chef Damian D'Silva @ Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane

As we were eating and chatting about the next meal adventure...., look who just walked into Barakath Restaurant? It was Chef Damian D'Silva, currently Executive Chef of Folklore Restaurant and inaugural MasterChef Singapore judge. What a co-incidence 😃

Chef Damian D'Silva @ Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane

Chef Damian graciously obliged my request for a picture of him.

Chef Damian D'Silva @ Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane

What do Singapore celebrity chefs eat off work? Chef Damian D'Silva had briyani rice with chicken dalcha and curry lamb shank.

Chef Damian D'Silva @ Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane

Chef Damian D'Silva was marketing, personally shopping for ingredients for his restaurant. We were just talking about dedicated chefs who personally hand pick their fresh ingredients, before Chef Damian stepped into the restaurant. Today is a day of co-incidences 😄

Nasi Briyani @ Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane

I shall be back at Barakath Restaurant on a Friday or Sunday for their dum briyani, fish curry, and of course, another round of curry lamb shank (this time, I shall remember to taste the marrow).

The Peak Magazine interview wth Damian D’Silva, Executive Chef of Folklore and Inaugural MasterChef Singapore judge 👈 click

Barakath Restaurant Dalhousie Lane

Restaurant name: Restaurant Barakath
Address: 11 Dalhousie Lane, Singapore 209680
GPS: 1°18'18.1"N 103°51'07.6"E 🌐 1.305018, 103.852114
Tel: 6392 0422
Hours: 10:00am - 9:00pm


Date visited: 3 Oct 2018

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  1. Jill Chua said on Johor Kaki FB: "One of those best meals that you started to rub your stuffed bellies and know that you are going to have heart burn from overeating 😂.

    The two of us had a spread of masala chicken, dum fish Briyani, lamb shank, fish curry, beetroots and bittergourd.

    Differentiating yet balanced flavors that delighted the palates and made for a satiating meal."


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