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How to Get More Google Hits than Lady Gaga

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The purpose of this post is to share what I might be doing right, so that other bloggers may also achieve higher Google views.

When I first saw the number of views on my Google+ page, I didn't pay it any attention as I assumed that everyone gets the same "inflated" views.

It's just another useless vanity figure, I thought.

But, when more and more bloggers start to draw attention to their numbers, I realised that the numbers vary widely from blogger to blogger.

And, there are some useful indications behind the numbers.

First, what are Google views?

According to Google's official help page, "This number tells you how many times your content has been seen by other people, including your Photos, Posts, and the page itself".

(Note: To view your Google views on your G+ page, you have to turn it on as bloggers have the option to turn it off from public view.)

So, back to the question "How did Johor Kaki get more Google views than Lady Gaga?"

The truth is, I really don't know for sure.

After all, Google's algorithm is secret.

All I do know is what I did. And, I can only speculate how the following might have helped Johor Kaki's Google views.

Use Keywords


Come on Tony, everyone knows that :P


Use keyword in titles and the first paragraph - all bloggers should know that.

Actually, using keywords was the only "SEO" thing I did.

Everything else was just me trying my best to create the most helpful and easy to use food guide for food lovers.

So, it must be the other things that I also did right that made the difference.

Google Maps 

Finding one's way around Johor, or for that matter any new place, can be a daunting experience. So, I added a Google Map (and GPS co-ordinates) to all my food reviews.


So, when someone looks for the location of a hawker stall or restaurant in Johor using Googe Map, Google serves up relevant Johor Kaki content. 

This adds Google views for Johor Kaki blog.

Use Photos

I am passionate about photography besides being a foodie.

I like to tell stories with drool worthy photographs, so Johor Kaki food reviews often have over 10 photos.


I tagged my photos with keywords, so when someone uses Google's Image Search service to look for photos of Johor food, Google serves up relevant Johor Kaki content. 

This adds Google views for Johor Kaki blog.

Use Youtube

Most of us know that Youtube is actually the second largest search engine in the world (second only to Google web search itself).

I post some videos because I found them fun to make and to watch.


So, when someone looks for something in Johor using Youtube, Google serves up relevant Johor Kaki content. 

This adds Google views for Johor Kaki.

All these Google views add up with Johor Kaki getting more views than Lady Gaga.


Lady Gaga has a tremendous number of G+ followers, and rightly so as she is a top global Super Star. Johor Kaki, in comparison, is a tiny blogger with a minuscule G+ following.

How is it then that Lady Gaga has fewer views on Google than Johor Kaki?

Lady Gaga is big on Youtube, Images and direct views from her 8 million plus G+ followers.

I can only speculate that as a top global celebrity, many people searching for Lady Gaga on Google are diverted to numerous other media outlets providing news about her, besides her own official platforms.

Lady Gaga's negligible presence on Google Maps might also be a factor.

In conclusion.

I am new to blogging and am still trying to figure out what really went right.

Please also share with us your valuable insights on Google views :D

I will update this post regularly to share my findings with everyone, so that everyone too can also have higher Google views.

So, what is the main take away from this sharing?

It is simply this.

* Create helpful content on all of Google's services thus creating multiple paths to your blog.

Have fun blogging, and let everything else follow.


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First edition: 17 Jun 2014


  1. You are correct about providing the Google map and the GPS coordinates. This is extremely important to readers of your blog. We can then hunt down a food stall or restaurant on our own to test the food, if we find any particular one interesting.
    Not providing these is a major reason why other food blogs fail.

    1. Thanks ricohflex for your affirmation about Google Maps and GPS. It's very tedious to do but I believe it is well worth the extra effort (as you have confirmed). Thanks for your support :D

  2. Tony don't be humble haha :)
    Your food review rocks ! I really appreciate the GPS indications.

    Maybe a few more reasons why/how JohorKaki can raise more views :
    1) encourage more bloggers to backlink to your articles
    2) when readers click on the "+1" and "Share" buttons in Google Plus, Google knows your post/article is helpful (add views again)
    3) use hashtag to create an identity (example #johorkaki)

    cheers, Andy

    1. Thanks Andy :D ah yes, I need more work on backlinksm, shares, # tags and +1. Shall research and figure how to include these into my work flow. Facebook is another channel but I am less focused there now as it contributes only 10% of my views nowadays for all the hours put in. Thanks for your input again :D

  3. People, especially Singaporeans and Johoreans, probably care more about their immediate stomach pangs than the doings of some foreigner, albeit a glamourous one

  4. Awesome results Tony! Like you, I'm a lot more active on Google+ these days as I find I generate more traffic here. Of course, my views aren't anywhere near as much as yours probably due to the niche nature of my content perhaps. I will ask the "gods" of Google+ if they are able to provide further insights. Meanwhile, keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Walter. Learning everyday and grateful for help from social media sifu like you :D

  5. Great tip Tony! hehe~ will try on the google map thing in future food review post! ^_^
    by the way how you tag your photos?

    1. On Blogger, just click on "properties" and add the tags, when you are drafting the post. I am not sure how on Wordpress as I am mainly on Blogger.

    2. no worries, im on blogger too! thanks! ^_^

    3. Great :D it's easy on Blogger.

  6. good tips Lady Kaki hahaha
    err I thought FB contributes much for the readership but it doesn't
    I do agree with all your tips
    I have to ask you how to do the insert Google Maps in blog so that when people searching in GM, it links to our blog
    yes youtube is another way, but slow internet speed always fails me
    I do blogwalking as well, but it spends time.

    1. Emily, I will show you the next time we meet. Meanwhile, you can click around GM. It's quite intuitive. Remember to tag your photos. Traffic also comes via image search.


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