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Seafood in Pontian at Football Field (Zu Qiu Seafood Corner) 足球场海鲜茶餐室


Whenever I asked Pontian folks which is their favourite seafood restaurant at their seaside hometown, the name Zu Qiu Seafood Corner 足球场海鲜茶餐室 always come up. The name 足球场 literally means soccer field.

I am glad that I finally had the chance to check out Zu Qiu Seafood Corner, last night :D


Dining at Zu Qiu Seafood Corner 足球场海鲜茶餐室 is literally at the edge of the Straits of Malacca. It was low tide, the evening of our visit.

We can feel the constant sea breeze and smell the sea. At high tide, I imagine we will be hearing the lapping waves as well, right beside our table.

Since this was our first visit, we tried a few of their signature dishes following the waitress' suggestions.

Salted egg crab RM100

We ordered Zu Qiu Seafood Corner's signature salted egg yolk crab.

The crab was cooked in a sweet and savoury sauce made of rich and creamy salted egg yolk mash.


I like it that the salted egg yolk did not overpower the juicy crab's fresh flavours.

No wonder it is one of Zu Qiu Seafood Corner's favourite signatures.


We did not specify but was served this female crab with a big load of eggs (at RM70 per kilo).

I am happy :D

Crayfish fried in oat batter RM32

The large heap of fried fresh crayfish in crumbly cereal batter for five of us. 


The crayfish was fresh and the thick flesh protected from the hot oil by the cereal batter and shell, remained juicy and tender.

Fried sotong RM15

The fried sotong (squid) is one of Zu Qiu Seafood Corner's signature dishes.


To me this is perfect beer food, rather than a dinner dish. The bouncy sotong flesh was fried till slightly dry and chewy. The marinate gave the sotong a delicate savoury flavour. 

Perfect for keeping the jaws busy while downing beers and watching soccer :D

Fried Emperor Noodles RM6

My niece loves noodles, so we ordered this "Emperor noodles" 皇帝面.

It was a lot of fried noodles for RM6.

The mee kia was fried with strips of char siew, pork, onions, scallions, eggs, bean sprouts and a blended sweet savoury sauce. The sauce was quite syrupy in texture and smothered the noodles with wetness and quite pronounced flavours. The noodles were softened by the sauce and there is not much spring or eggy flavours.

Still, this "Emperor noodles" 皇帝面 was delicious and was my niece's favourite dish of the evening.

Oyster omelette RM9

The oh chien or oyster omelette was the soft eggy type without the crispy tapioca crust.


The oysters were average sized today.

Still, it was a good oh chien with fresh oysters and lots of eggs, and not overly greasy.

Seafood-Pontian- Zu-Qiu-Seafood-Corner-足球场海鲜茶餐室
Fried lettuce RM8

The simple, stir fried lettuce with garlic was very well executed.

I like this crunchy and juicy greens.


Managed to grab a couple of shots of the very busy owner chef Ah Siong 亚雄 at work :D


We enjoyed our food and the casual seaside ambiance at Zu Qiu Seafood Corner 足球场海鲜茶餐室.

Our total bill for 5 people with a pot of Chinese tea and iced water came to RM195.

On our way home, we feel slightly thirsty and needed water to quench our thirst. Not sure if it was MSG thirst or the hot weather. (We were on the road the entire day, since morning.)

Shall be back, definitely.

Restaurant name: Zu Qiu Seafood Corner 足球场海鲜茶餐室
Address: Jalan Delima 3, Pusat Perdagangan Pontian, Pontian, Johor, Malaysia
Map (rough)
GPS: 1.477491,103.390166 (rough)
Hours: 5:00pm to 12:00 midnight (Closed on alternate Mondays)
Telephone: +6012-767-2464
Non Halal

Date visited: 27 Jun 2014

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  1. Fast forward 3 years later, 1kg of crab cost $130 there, the bigger ones.


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