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Just Want Coffee JWC, The Factory 30 in Johor Bahru


Just Want Coffee, The Factory 30 in Mount Austin in Johor Bahru created quite a stir in the JB coffee scene since it opened slightly over a month ago.

I visited Just Want Coffee, The Factory 30 twice so far and enjoyed myself there.

Of course, a lot of it had to do with the company of my great kopi kakis Nicole, Corrine, and Ryan too :D

The Factory 30 is inside a refurbished factory in the industrial area of Mount Austin surrounded by large warehouses and greasy car workshops.


If you come to Just Want Coffee, The Factory 30 and found yourself greeted by this pulled down shutter, do not panic :D

Stay calm.

The entrance is at the glass doors on the left.


You've come to the right place.

Just Want Coffee, The Factory 30 in Mount Austin is now the go to place for JB's trendiest people.


JB's coffee crowd on a week day night. Be prepared to queue on weekends.


Comfortable chairs and sturdy tables that blend in with the total "factory" look. 

Just -Want-Coffee-Factory-30-Johor-Bahru

Take a seat at the open concept bar where you can watch the youthful baristas in action and also engage them in friendly coffee chat.


Senior barista Chris sharing the finer points of coffee appreciation with customers.


A staircase leads to the spacious upper deck.


Nice quiet space to chill on the upper deck but The Factory fills up fast.


The Factory has a space reserved for art and cultural events and activities.


A good place to chill. 

Don't worry about those coffee sacks over your head. They are filled with shredded paper only :P


David, one of the partners at Just Want Coffee.

David's said Just Want Coffee's philosophy is "跟本,不跟风 Stay faithful to fundamentals and not chase after trends." In all of Just Want Coffee's plans and what it does, good coffee remains at the very core and centre.

Not following trend blindly.

No wonder Just Want Coffee is the one of trend setters in the Johor coffee scene.


The simple menu - everything on one single page. You have to squint your eyes a little bit but you can see all the items and prices in this photo :P


Just Want Coffee, The Factory 30 makes their waffles fresh when there is an order. I love that sweet buttery aroma rising from the waffle machines as I was taking this picture.

So, I couldn't resist ordering a waffle to try :D


We enjoyed our butter caramel waffle (RM14.20+). The thick freshly baked fluffy waffle made of flour, eggs, milk and butter was slightly crisp outside, bouncy soft inside, and not overly sweet. Comes with spreads of premium butter, caramel, whipped cream and ice cream.


Just Want Coffee's signature tiramisu is something I will order every time I am at JWC.

The tiramisu was still as good as ever.

Classic tiramisu with spongy liquor and coffee-soaked ladyfingers between rich mascarpone custard and whipped cream. 

But, there is a cool JB twist. 

Customers here like their tiramisu icy cold and so Just Want Coffee keeps their tiramisu in a freezer before serving.


Senior barista Lucas was all focus making our coffee.

Today's coffee was a Just Want Coffee house blend of Mandheling, Brazilian, Colombian, and Indonesian.

My Original Latte 8oz (RM10.00+).

I enjoyed the round bodied, smooth, rich yet mild flavours of today's blend.

(I need to take a few more cupping lessons to truly appreciate the subtleties but even now as a novice, I felt the coffee was very enjoyable.)

Ryan's Cappuccino (RM9.00+).

Corrine's Gibraltar Latte (RM9.00+).

My complimentary Papua New Guinea Baroida AX with thanks to Jack, senior barista and coffee roaster. Jack was conducting a cupping session and let me try this :D

Before leaving, I took a look at the pretty coffee roasting machines at The Factory 30.

Just Want Coffee started about 2 years ago with the founder Nelson roasting batches of coffee in his own kitchen at 300 grams per batch.

Just Want Coffee was so successful, Nelson bought this second coffee roaster capable of churning out 3 kilos per batch.

Soon even that wasn't enough and now Just Want Coffee added this 12 kilo capacity coffee roaster.

When we went to settle our bill, the cashier told us that our friend Ryan (who had to leave earlier for another meeting) had already paid for our food and drinks.

Thanks Ryan. 

Next kopi session on me, ok? :D


Restaurant name: Just Want Coffee, The Factory 30
Address:  No 30, Jln Mutiara Emas 5/3, Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.547554,103.776383
Hours: 2:00pm to 12:00 midnight

No pork, no lard, no Halal cert

Date visited: 3 Jun 2014

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  1. I love this comment 跟本不跟风

  2. I think this place have to consider having a wifi to enjoy the coffee session

    1. I think so also especially for people visiting from overseas. Data charges are very high.

  3. Are there any pork or lard here?

  4. I think the GPS location should be 1.548932, 103.775782 instead


    Not sure is this site is written by you too. All photos is with your watermark.

    1. No I have never across this site before. They have used my photographs without my knowledge.


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