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Ivan Ramen in NYC New York Lower East Side

Ivan Ramen is one of the most raved about ramen shops in New York City.


Stepping into Ivan Ramen, I can't help but be excited by the hip decor and buzz inside.


I had to step back outside and waited 30 minutes before getting a seat as Ivan Ramen was full. (Best to make a reservation at (646) 678-3859, if you are planning a visit.) Others waited up to an hour and a half. The staff were very gracious and very pleasant in managing the line.


I got a seat at the bar after 30 minutes as promised ;-D

Ivan Ramen is compact though relatively large for a ramen-ya (shop). Still, we were sitting elbow to elbow due to Ivan Ramen's popularity.

There is also nice covered patio type "outdoor" seating at the back of the shop.


Bar seats are my favourite as I love to watch the chefs at work.

The colourful mural over the bar was very interesting. It made me hungry from anticipation.


Ivan Ramen's Tokyo Shoyu Ramen at USD15 (before tax and tip).

My ramen was served very fast, within 10 minutes of making my order. I like that little cone of shredded fresh spring onions (scallion) garnishing the ramen bowl.


There was only one small slice of pork belly chashu (most places serve 2 slices). It was tender and nicely savoury sweet. However, it lacked an additional layer of savoury flavour as it was not torched. (Most places torch their chashu before serving.)


I like Ivan Ramen's half ajitsuke tamago (which is slow poached and flavoured egg) with their ramen.


Ivan Ramen serves chicken broth with soy sauce and dashi. The broth had a nice medium body, smooth texture and the right intensity of savouriness. But, there was no sweetness in the broth to balance the savouriness resulting in a soup that tasted relatively flat to me.

Garlic oil was missing which could provide another layer of savouriness and aroma.


The skinny noodles were soft al dente with traces of sponginess. They were a touch softer than my preference. Made with rye, I couldn't detect the grain's flavour in the noodles.

Ivan Ramen is one of the hippest NYC ramen shops that I have visited. It had all the right vibes but it wasn't among the best bowls of ramen that I have tasted in New York City.

Next time, I want to try Ivan Ramen's Spicy Red Chili Ramen.


Restaurant name: Ivan Ramen

Address: 25 Clinton Street, NYC New York (Lower East Side)
Hours: 12:00 to 3:30 pm, 5:30 pm to 12:00 am

Date visited: 2 Jan 2015

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