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Dirty Noodles at Lukut near Port Dickson, Seremban, Malaysia 貴嫂麵 拉渣面

During our trip to Port Dickson, when we asked locals at the nearby Lukut town what to eat in their hometown, the first thing that came to their minds was "dirty noodles" 拉渣面.


Famous "dirty noodles?"

That sounds very interesting.

Definitely must try ;-D


The next morning, we went to Lukut town and searched for the famous "dirty noodles".

There are two shops in Lukut serving "dirty noodles" by the two Thang 鄧 brothers. We were at the "dirty noodle" shop of the younger brother, Octo Thang. (The elder brother's shop is closed today and it has no fixed business hours.)


Casting our eyes at the very clean and well kept shop, we asked Octo why is his signature dish known as "dirty noodles".

Octo said that the business was started years ago by his grandmother 貴嫂 at the old market at Lukut. Her road side stall was located at the junction of 3 canals at the market. The canals were full of rubbish and was smelly, but Octo's grandmother's homemade noodles stall was doing a roaring business. The locals started to refer to the stall as the "dirty noodles 拉渣面" stall and the name has stuck ever since.

Octo's shop is named 貴嫂麵 in his grandmother's honour.

(拉渣面 or la zha meen means "dirty noodles" in Cantonese colloquialism.)


Our old style "dirty noodles" tossed in lard and dark soy sauce.

The "dirty noodles" are still homemade. Octo starts to make his noodles everyday at 5:00am and starts serving at 8:30am.


The fresh noodles were cooked till al dente, tender yet firm.

Octo said that besides being fresh, the noodles had to be cooked carefully to get the desired texture.


The locals eat their "dirty noodles" with a bowl of soup. The default is soup with fish slices, and customers can add additional ingredients at extra charge.


Besides fish slices we added pork slices, fresh squid, tofu, fried tofu skin, and pork balls. The broth was medium bodied and was mildly savoury sweet with fresh vegetable flavours. It reminded me of simple home cooked soup.


We also had this stir fried and then simmered "dirty noodles" with simple pork slices and some greens. Octo managed to infuse a noticeable wok hei into the noodles which were soaking in a gooey savoury sweet gravy.

We enjoyed our "dirty noodles" experience.

Total bill came to slightly more than RM30 for the two plates of "dirty noodles" and the large bowl of soup (plus sugar cane tea).


Locating the shop for the first time can be a little challenging. The shop is located in a corner terrace house.


The shop is on an inside road and the signboard is sun bleached, making it barely visible from the main road.


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Restaurant name: 貴嫂麵 (Lukut "Dirty Noodles" 拉渣面)

Address: Lot 2576, Jalan Batu 3½, Lukut, Port Dickson, Seremban, Malaysia
GPS: 2.563889, 101.816111 (N 2° 33' 50"  E 101° 48' 58")
Hours: 8:30am to 2:00pm (Closed on Weds)

Non Halal

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  1. Hey Tony, I just got back from Port Dickson. Wanted to check out this place but the 2 days that I was there (13th - 14th June), this place was closed. Didn't look like they were operating anymore. Was really looking forward to having it after reading your review. ):

  2. Bryan,you must have gone to their old rundown shophouse along the main road.They have shifted to a new locale at a corner terrace,address as shown above by TS.


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