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Kway Teow Kia in JB Johor Bahru at Restoran Ka Hoe 榕树下粿条仔


I needed a substantial early breakfast in Johor Bahru before the 3 hour long drive north to Pork Dickson.

I picked the popular kway teow kia stall at Restoran Kah Hoe (a corner kopitiam near Plaza Pelangi) for early breakfast (opens at 7:00am). Plaza Pelangi is just a short detour off my route and I can rejoin the EDL to the North South Expressway easily (via Jalan Biru) after breakfast.


I haven't been back at Ka Hoe for some time; the friendly stall holders are still the same, and the kway teow kia here is as good as ever.

This 40 year old kway teow kia stall is known to locals as 榕树下粿条仔, named after a big tree which once stood near Plaza Pelangi. The big tree was long gone but 榕树下粿条仔 is still going strong, and so are it's legion of loyal fans.


Ordering protocol is simple. Just go to the stall and tell the lady boss the innards that you want. If you are unsure what they are called in Cantonese or Mandarin, just point with your finger as all are displayed at the stall.

The lady boss Mdm Fung will cut up you order quickly and expertly.


Our sumptuous and delicious kway teow kia breakfast for RM13.


Plate of large and small intestines, and pork lung topped with a sprinkle fried shallots and pork lard crackles.


We ordered a plate of thin slices of braised pork tongue; one of my favourites.


Everything was very well cleaned. There was no odour at all, just the pleasant aroma of herbs and the mild natural flavours of fresh pork and soy. The innards were braised till tender and still have a very gentle bite. They felt a touch creamy when well chewed, releasing a nice porcine aroma and flavour.

The pork lung was spongy and fun to eat. The thin slices of pork tongue were tender and yet still had a slight crunch.


Fresh pork blood curd 豬紅, popular but no longer available in Singapore. Get it here at Ka Hoe.


The braised innards are eaten with soft narrow kway teow (rice noodles) known as kway teow kia 粿条仔. Ka Hoe's braising sauce was medium bodied, not greasy and had a distinct yet mild herbal aroma and taste. It was so good, we drank it up to the last drop.

The simple fried shallot here is worth a special mention. Ka Hoe peels and fries these shallots fresh at the stall everyday. The little bits of crunch were loaded with savoury sweet fried shallot flavour and aroma.


Very happy and satisfied, we proceeded straight to Port Dickson without needing another food stop along the 3 hour journey.

Here is the post about my first visit to Ka Hoe kway teow kia three years ago 👈 click


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->> Ka Hoe is a popular place for tasty kway teow kia. Opens early, so it's a good breakfast stop. Serves a wide range of braised innards as well as pork blood curd. Eaten with skinny rice noodles in a mildly herbal braising sauce.

Restaurant name: Restoran Ka Hoe Kway Teow Kia 榕树下粿条仔 

Address: Jalan Maju, Taman Maju Jaya (near Plaza Pelangi), Johor Bahru
GPS 1.480835, 103.766704 / 1°28'51.0"N 103°46'00.1"E
Hours: 6:30am to 12:30pm (Closed on alternate Weds)

Non Halal  

Date visited: 5 Feb 2012, 28 Jan 2015

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  1. I am a regular and have eaten since they were st the other end of the block since I was a little girl i have not been there the past few months. Today I patronised the shop and got fleeced! Must have thought I’m Singaporean. Usually I only pay Rm28 to RM30+- but today got charged at an exorbitant RM42. Usually I go on weekdays but was thinking been so busy so just join the queue as was thinking of eating kway teow kia.
    The lady boss should be honest in charging. I’m most shocked and disappointed.

  2. Btw, I ordered what I usually order.


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