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Papaya King Hotdogs in NYC New York

Papaya King established in 1932 is one of New York City's oldest hot dog joints. The original location at 86th Street and 3rd Ave is still in business.


Papaya King was the first to serve the good ol hot dog together with a papaya drink, after it's founder Gus Poulos tasted the tropical melon in Cuba. Since then, "papaya dog" became the New Yorkers' way to eat hot dogs.


I went to Papaya King's outlet which opened in 2013 at St. Marks Place in New York City’s East Village.


Inside this Papaya King, the setup was very informal and even had some vintage style arcade games machines. The colours were loud and funky.

It was very comfortable inside and the staff were very friendly.

(The old 86th Street Papaya King shop is a counter service, standing room only outlet.)


Papaya King's franks are 100% beef in natural jacket.


The USD5 set of two hotdogs and a drink costs only a hair (5 cents) more than Gray Papaya's famed recession set (USD4.95).


The Sabrett brand beef wiener was grilled to a slight char and nice crisp outside.

I saw Sabrett umbrellas at hot dog stands everywhere in New York City - looks like Sabrett supplies the whole hot dog maket in NYC ;-D


The beef wieners were more salty than those at Gray's Papaya. The soft buns were toasted a little more lightly.

I prefer my franks less salty and my buns toasted a little darker.

I like Papaya King's papaya juice - refreshing with a nice tropical fruit flavour.

Papaya King was featured in the 1988 movie, Crossing Delancey. This is Papaya King's original 86th Street location.


When in New York City, try a hot dog and papaya juice pairing - it's a unique, only in NYC experience.

Restaurant name: Papaya King
Address: 3 St. Mark's Place NYC New York (between 2nd and 3rd Ave)
Hours8:00 am – 1:00 am

Date: 24 Dec 2014

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