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Ramen-Ya West Village in NYC New York

Ramen-Ya in West Village, Manhattan which opened only in 2013 has already found it's way into conversations of NYC foodies and ramen lovers.


Ramen-Ya's claim to fame is their Tonkotsu Shio Black.


Ramen-Ya's dining area was converted from the living room of a townhouse (there was even a small disused fire place). It was small and seats were limited. The compact, elbow to elbow space was just like a Tokyo ramen-ya (ramen shop).

Service was basic, efficient, but very pleasant. My ramen bowl arrived about 10 minutes after orders were taken, even though the restaurant was almost full. 


Ramen-Ya's Tonkotsu Shio Black USD12 (before tax and tip).


The char siu was the highlight. 

The lean portion was tender, almost mushy, very close to mushy but not quite. Just nice.

The fat was so soft, I thought it was going to literally melt in my mouth and bathe my tongue with savoury sweet porcine juice.


I like it that Ramen-Ya serves ajitsuke tamago (which is slow poached and flavoured egg) with their ramen.


The cloudy pork broth was medium bodied. The savoury porcine flavour was also mild with slight sweet and garlicky notes. I drank up the broth to the last drop.

People who find Minya's broth too intense and heavy will appreciate Ramen-Ya's soup.

The coveted garlic flavour come from the dash of garlic flavoured oil made by frying raw garlic cloves.


The noodles were the angel hair type - slender and smooth. Softly al dente, they soaked up the broth well, making they slurpy delicious. I prefer my noodles a little stiffer, though. (Not sure if Ramen-Ya has a thicker version of noodles. I shall ask for lower gauge, fatter noodles next time.)

Overall, Ramen-Ya serves a likable ramen bowl with mildly savoury medium bodied broth, soft al dente noodles accompanied by outstanding char siu


Ramen-Ya was converted from a townhouse and the signage was not very prominent. It's best to note the address and check the map before making your way there.

Restaurant: Ramen-Ya West Village

Address181 West 4th Street, NYC New York
Hours: 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight

Date visited: 1 Jan 2014

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