Tuesday, 10 March 2015

DEN Boon Tat Street Singapore and The Entertainer App 2015

I attended a tasting session at DEN at Boon Tat Street in Singapore's Central Business District.


Inside, DEN was a long and narrow space with cosy warm yellow mood lighting. The bar was at the centre and seats ring around it as well as outside, along the five foot way. Decor was simple with a travel theme with old timer suit cases popping out from the walls. It fitted well with the clientele here of the globally mobile new age generation.


Seating was quite cramped inside but it is more intimate lah!

Can't remember exactly the background music but it was pleasant. Not the jarring techno kind, and not too loud.


In the cool of the evening, the outside al fresco seats are very popular.


The bar was small and functional, but all the usual wines, beers and spirits were available.

We were presented with many items from DEN's menu but I had just one or two mouthfuls of each item. Still, I found the flavours generally well balanced and the food was likeable. Overall, it tasted better than most pub food that I have tasted so far. 

Kudos to the team in the kitchen (though we didn't have the opportunity to meet).

During the two hour long session, we tasted a parade of dishes from the lunch through dinner to the dessert menu.

From the lunch menu.


Watermelon Salad SGD10++

Sweet juicy cubes of watermelon with feta, mint, sunflower seeds, farro grains, and mesclun salad.

The sweet watermelon salad got the evening off to a good start.


Beetroot Salad SGD10++

Beetroot, mesclun salad, oranges, walnut, and quinoa grains on a grassy bed of rocket leaves. The tart sweet flavours were popular with the ladies.


Seafood Mafalda Pasta SGD13++

Fish, squid and de-shelled prawns with soft al dente fettuccine tossed in a tomato and cream sauce. Garnished with a heap of yuzu dressed rocket greens.


Truffle Mac and Cheese SGD12++

Melted cheddar, mozzarella and gouda cheese blanketing macaroni, mushrooms and diced spicy Italian sausages. Topped with a dollop of black truffle paste. 

From the dinner menu.


Zucchini Veggie Dish SGD8++

Sliced juicy crunchy zucchinis, lightly grilled, tossed with lemon zest, soy caviar, parmesan and toasted crushed cashew nuts. 

Fresh zucchini always works for me.


Truffle Bacon Mushroom Pizza SGD18++

Mushrooms, bacon and cheese on a thin greasy floppy crust. Drizzled with truffle oil.


Truffle and Parma Bikini SGD15++

Toasted bread slices with truffle spread held together by melted cheddar and parmesan cheese.


Pork Belly SGD18++

Fried pork belly topped with apple kimchi and stewed sliced Granny Smith apples on the side.


Grilled Squid SGD15++

Tender sliced squid pieces pan fried with a blended sauce of chilli, garlic, anchovy and kaffir lime leaf.

I liked this dish.


Pigs in a Blanket SGD10++

Savoury Italian sausages rolled in a tight toasted bacon strip jacket. Eaten with mustard sauce.


DEN Wings SGD10++. 

Get this with a gallon of beer. This was really good. Savoury sweet tangy spicy crispy outside. Juicy inside.

After dinner desserts.


Brownie SGD8++

Deconstructed brownie. Chocolaty flavour punctuated with candied bacon bits.


Apple Crumble SGD8++

Vanilla bean ice cream set on apple bites and brandied currants.

DEN-Boon-Tat-Street-Singapore DEN-Boon-Tat-Street-Singapore

DEN enjoys a good crowd through the evening even on a random Tuesday when we were there.

DEN is a good choice if you are looking for a chill out place in Singapore's CBD.


DEN is one of the over 800+ Singapore restaurants, hotels and others that honour "The Entertainer App".


"The Entertainer App" lets you enjoy "buy 1 get 1 free" deals at participating restaurants such as DEN. For example, when you have a Seafood Mafalda Pasta SGD13++ mains and your companion orders the Truffle Mac and Cheese SGD12++, you only need to pay for your pasta.

If you haven't got "The Entertainer App 2015" yet, you can download and purchase it from iTunes or Play Store at SGD60.

If you use my promo code 2015JOHOR, you will get an additional 10% discount off SGD60 ;-D

If you entertain or eat out with friends often, get "The Entertainer App". Let's you treat your friend but have the restaurant pick up the tab for it ;-D

Smart, right?

Restaurant name: DEN

Address: 29 Boon Tat Street Singapore (S069624)
Hours: Mon-Tue: 11am-11pm | Wed-Fri: 11am-12am | Sat: 5-11pm (Closed Sunday)

Non Halal

Date visited: 3 Mar 2015

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