Tuesday, 10 March 2015

VisonData Pocket Wifi (Singapore) - Staying ConnectedbyVisonData in Bangkok

This was my second time using VisonData pocket wifi overseas; this time in Bangkok.

The day before my flight, I just make a trip down to VisonData's office in IMM Building to collect the device.


VisonData's Singapore office is located at unit #05-41 in IMM Building. (Use the lift at Lobby B.)

Just a short walk from Jurong East MRT station and if you drive, parking is free at IMM for the first 2 hours. "Swee!" as they say in Hokkien (meaning "great!").


When I arrived, friendly VisonData staff Diyana already had everything neatly prepared.

Rental of VisonData pocket wifi for Thailand use is just SGD9 per day.

If shared between 4 persons, each person just pays SGD2.25 per day. This type of "lobang" (good deal) where to find, as we say in Singapore.


My VisonData pocket wifi with power charger and power pack neatly in the bag ;-D

I am all set for my trip.

We can also rent the power pack from VisonData for a nominal fee (but most of us have our own lah).

I love it that I can log in to the pocket wifi with my handphone while still in Singapore. The simple self explanatory log in takes less than 3 minutes.


When the plane landed in Bangkok and after the crew announced that we can turn on our handphones, I turned on my VisonData pocket wifi and hanphone.

Less 2 minutes later, I have connection and tapping home my first messages from Bangkok.

No settings to change.

It can't be any easier.

The thing is, there are no worries about shock bills from data roaming charges. (Fee capped at SGD9 per day, unlimited usage.) No need to search for a local telco SIM card and struggle with setting up in Thai language. Local telco may cost more if we accidentally select the wrong plan, and definitely waste time and get more stress. No need to swap SIM cards or bring two phones. No unused stored value in the local telco SIM card to waste.

I just want to enjoy Bangkok, hassle free.


I got straight into the hotel limo at the airport and sent home this Instagram post that all is well (very enjoy actually ;-D ).


After checking in at the hotel, first stop is the revered Erawan Shrine like many who come to Bangkok from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

We spent the whole day and night shopping and eating ;-D


Supper before calling it a night in Bangkok. Bangkok street food is a Must.


After all the food and fun in Bangkok, it's time to go home.

No free wifi at Bangkok airport? No problem.

Just connect my lappy to VisonData pocket wifi and carry on blogging ;-D

Data connection in Bangkok with the VisonData pocket wifi was good.

It's 3G in Bangkok but seriously when I use VisonData pocket wifi for my Facebook and Instagram, I couldn't detect any difference at all with Singapore's 4G.


Saying good bye to Bangkok. I shall be back, with VisonData pocket wifi ;-D

When I got back to Singapore, I just return the pocket wifi set at VisonData's IMM office. Courier services can also be arranged for a nominal fee; I just like to go jalan jalan, cari makan (food hunting) around Jurong area ;-D

VisonData pocket wifi now covers 80 countries worldwide. You can book your VisonData pocket wifi online here.

Follow VisonData SG on Facebook as they have regular special deals.

Office address: IMM Building, 2 Jurong East Street 21, #05-41C (use the lift at Lobby B), Singapore
Tel: 6569 7741
Hours: 09:00am to 5:30pm (Mon - Fri) 

Disclosure: This is an invited trial use by VisonData SG.

Trial dates: 25 - 27 Feb 2015  

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