Sunday, 22 March 2015

Fatty Weng Singapore Bukit Batok 肥仔荣食摊

Fatty Weng has been my long time favourite haunt when I was working and living near Bukit Batok. The two things I always went for were Fatty Weng's fish soup and orh luak (oyster omelet) together.

It's been more than 5 years since I Iast ate at Fatty Weng's.

So, I approached the kopitiam stall today with a bit of nostalgia and some trepidation. Is Fatty Weng stall still there? Is it still the same? Would I still love it as much as before?

I am so glad nothing much has changed at Fatty Weng's.


Ms Ho, a long time staff at Fatty Weng is still here. I have been dealing with Ms Ho most of the time, when I eat at Fatty Weng.

As usual, I went for my usual.

A large bowl of fish soup and a plate of orh luak (oyster omelet) with plain steamed rice


My large bowl of Fatty Weng fish soup at SGD6.


The soup is clear and watery looking but don't be deceived.

It is packed with the right amount of natural clean tasting flavours.

It has nice mild savoury refreshing flavours from the fresh fish and tomatoes, well washed kiam chye (salt preserved cabbage) and chye poh (preserved turnip), fresh lettuce and cubes of soft tofu. Fried anchovies added another layer of savouriness to the tasty soup.


I like the savoury and subtly tart taste of kiam chye and fresh tomatoes in Fatty Weng's fish soup.

There is almost no oil in the slurp worthy soup, and there is little, if any MSG at all. I drank up the whole large tasty bowl of soup and did not feel any MSG thirst at all afterwards.


There were about 10 pieces of these large slices of Batang fish (Spanish Mackerel) with skin on. I like fish with skin on.

The white fish meat has a firm kind of tenderness, a ocean fresh kind of sweetness. No fishiness whatsoever.

Love it.


My usual plate of orh luak (SGD4) to go with the fish soup.


The SGD4 plate of orh luak has 4 of these soft fresh oysters like a lump of zincy savoury sweet mayonnaise, each the size of my thumb. (Yes, I actually kept count ;-p )

The orh luak is made with eggs and tapioca starch. The soft gummy lumps of tapioca starch were wrapped with slightly crisp fried eggs outside. The orh luak was not overly greasy, which made it easy to like.


The simple steamed white rice at Fatty Weng is done just right. Good long grain quality, nice soft firm texture with just the right moistness. Fifty cents per bowl.

It was a very satisfying revisit at Fatty Weng's.

I renewed my love affair with Fatty Weng stall.

Strangely, I had so far stuck to the fish soup and orh luak, out of habit.

Next time, I shall also try their fried carrot cake and other dishes on the menu. I also want to add fish roe to my soup, if it is available ;-D


Restaurant name: Fatty Weng 肥仔荣食摊 (inside Yong Xing Coffeeshop)
Address: Blk 155, Bukit Batok Street 11, #01-324, Singapore 650155
Hours: 11:00am to10:00pm

Non Halal

Date visited: 22 Mar 2015

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  1. this coffeeshop has very popular hokkien mee too. have you tried it?

    its one of my favourites :)

  2. The orr luak not as nice as last time. I have been eating at this stall since I was a kid.

  3. They only sell fried carrot cake in the morning, pretty decent version too.
    The lor mee stall in the same coffeeshop also not too bad.


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