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Johor Bahru Nasi Ambang

Originally from Java, Indonesia, Nasi Ambang (pronounced um-bng) is very popular in Johor (and Singapore). I love nasi ambang because I love it's many colours, textures, flavours and aromas, all in one dish.


Nasi ambang is served at kenduris (traditional village festive gatherings), restaurants and also road side stalls. I love them all ;-D


The composition of nasi ambang vary from restaurant to restaurant, stall to stall. I enjoy trying nasi ambang from eatery to eatery as I am thrilled by the surprising twists that I might find inside the dish.


I love eating nasi ambang from road side stalls which sells the dish in little conical banana leaf packets. (Back in old Java, husbands bring home leftovers from kenduris in little packets to prove to their wives that they were indeed at a village gathering, and not somewhere else ;-p ).

I have tasted only a few street nasi ambang in Johor Bahru, so far. I am searching for more as there are many that I do not know about yet. If you know good nasi ambang stalls, please let me know by leaving a comment ;-D

Here are some of the best in JB that I've tried so far. If you are looking for nasi ambang in JB, you can give these a try ;-D

Zai Catering


Nasi ambang from Zai Catering, a little stall at the MasLee wet market in Taman Setia Indah.

White rice, fried yellow noodles, rendang chicken, lightly stir fried vegetables, fried grated coconut, salted fish, fried tempe, a splash of coconut rich, creamy curry all wrapped in fragrant fresh banana leaf.


Nothing fancy.

But, it's my little heaven wrapped in a RM4 taste grenade.

Restaurant name: Zai Catering (click for more details)

Address: Jalan Setia 3/7, Taman Setia Indah, Johor Bahru, Malaysia (beside the MasLee market) 
Hours: 5:00am to 5:00pm (closed on Monday)

Nasi Ambang Mak Ana


Mak Ana's nasi ambang has everything from curry chicken, fried beef liver, fried vegetables, noodles, potato cutlet, fried shredded coconut, salted fish, curry gravy and sambal chili. Mak Ana's nasi ambang is the most loaded street side one that I know in JB, at the moment.


I like Mak Ana's rendang chicken and her fresh pulpy spicy sambal chili.

Restaurant name: Nasi Ambang Mak Ana - street side stall (click for details)
Address: Along Jalan Padi Ria (beside the Petronas station), Bandar Baru Uda, Johor Bahru, Malaysia 
Hours: 11:30am to sold out (usually by 1:30pm) Closed on Saturday

A.B. Rahmat Stall


A.B. Rahmat stall at Sri Tebrau market and food centre sells nasi ambang only on Weds lunch. There is always a long queue on Weds ;-D  The nasi ambang here has all the usual components but doesn't have fried noodles.


Unlike the usual hard and very salty fish (which I don't quite enjoy), A.B. Rahmat serves this sweet savoury crispy fish. This small fried fish is what keeps me and many fans coming back to A.B. Rahmat.


A.B. Rahmat's sambal chili is a balanced blend of sweet, savoury and spicy. Hot enough but not too overwhelming.

Restaurant name:  A. B. Rahmat Stall (click for more details)

Address: Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre, Jalan Keris, Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru  
GPS: 1.487056,103.768063  
Hours: 11:00am to 2:00pm (nasi ambang on Weds only)

Cendol House


Cendol House's nasi ambang comes pre-packed in little cones of banana leaf and brown paper. Everything is inside this little volcano.


Packed full of flavour and aroma. Very tasty though a tad on the greasy side.

I like pre-packed banana leaf nasi ambang as somehow the flavours blend and fuse together in magical ways that erupt when we unwrap the packet.

Restaurant name: Cendol House (click for more details)
Address: Along Jalan Rahmat near the junction of Jalan Merdeka and Jalan Berlian 
GPS: 1.510579,103.753273 
Hours: 11:00am to 7:00pm (Closed on Monday)

Mat Corner (stall in Selera Masuri)


Mat Corner is one of the best known nasi ambang stalls in JB. It has all the usual components of fried chicken, tempe, salted fish, fried vegetables and coconut shreds. However, it does not have that signature clump of fried noodles of nasi ambang. The fried chicken also tend to be a bit dry and stiff.


The spicy splash of curry gravy and sambal chili are Mat Corner's main selling points. The sambal chili has a sharp sting and distinct lemon grass aroma. The curry gravy is spicy, sweet and nutty.

Restaurant name: Mat Corner - stall in Selera Masuri (click for more details)
Address: Off Jalan Padi Mahsuri (opposite SMK Bandar Baru Uda), Bandar Baru Uda 
GPS: 1.494920,103.718823 
Hours: 11:30am to 3:00pm

There you have it; these are just some of the best street nasi ambang in Johor Bahru.

Please give me tips to help me add to and improve this list of nasi ambang in JB ;-D

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  1. Hi. Try Warung Mak Ram along Jalan Pisang in Kampung Pasir, Tampoi. It's actually part of a house selling a wide variety of food,kuih and drinks and one of my fav would be their Nasi Ambang. You should try their Nasi Kerabu as well. Delicious. Closed on Saturday.

    1. Thank you Jessica for the tip! I shall go there when I am back to JB :-D Appreciate much.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Another good Nasi Ambang is sold at a stall in the parking lot of Taman Bukit Indah, JB. This parking lot is situated opposite Hook Sang Restaurant. Stall is opened for breakfast and lunch. Tastes good and quite a big packet too.


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