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Kawaii Deco Sushi by Food Blogger Little Miss Bento Shirley Wong JK1179


I first met Shirley (aka littlemissbento at a food tasting). She was warm, friendly and cheerful. We spoke about what food bloggers talk about when they first meet. Sharing our passion for food and little tips on those pesky technical website things bloggers have to deal with.

Shirley was down-to-earth and had no airs about her. Little did I know that she is an internationally acclaimed bento and sushi artist. Indeed, Shirley is the only Singaporean to be certified by the Japan Sushi Instructor Association in Tokyo.

I only knew that when she invited me to her first book launch Kawaii Bento last year (by Marshall Cavendish, no less). Unfortunately for me, I had to miss that as I was in New York City at the time.

So I was thrilled when she invited me to a preview of her second book Kawaii Deco Sushi (so fast!) to be launched on Saturday 11 July at Kinokuniya Books in Singapore.


At the preview, Shirley showed us how to make kawaii deco sushi following instructions from her latest book.

Shirley's book Kawaii Deco Sushi shows us how to have fun making attractive and tasty deco sushi easily.


Too cute right? These little puppies.

Made by master bento and sushi artist Shirley Wong.

Photo credit: In this picture taken by Hannah of, I am with Hazel of

You can see how incredibly focused I am ;-D

So, where's your handiwork, Johor Kaki?

I swallowed them - to destroy the evidence, glurp.

I must say they tasted great :-D


But, seriously with the simple step-by-step instructions and photos from Shirley's latest book, even Johor Kaki can make pretty deco sushi :-D


If you like to meet Shirley, be at the Kawaii Deco Sushi book launch at Tamashimaya Kinokuniya on Saturday 11 Jul 2015 at 4:00pm.


Disclosure: I was given a complimentary copy of Kawaii Deco Sushi for attending the preview but I forgot to request Shirley to autograph it (I want to cry already).

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  1. She is amazing. No doubt now one of my favourite Bento stars!

  2. Awww...the sushi are really kawaii! Too cute to be eaten lah...

    1. mine can be eaten without any regrets ;-p

  3. Awww thank you so so much Tony!


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