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I am going on a Trekking and Food Trip in Bangkok hosted by Simon of Travelled Paths. We are going to climb the 1,350 metre high Khaoluang Prachuab Khiri Khan which is located about 350 km south of Bangkok. Our reward for the two day, one night trekking and camping trip is the mesmerizing sunset and sunrise at the magnificent Huay Yang National Park -  followed by a one day Bangkok food trail to recover the calories we lost and to get fed fat again :-D

Our Bangkok food trail itinerary is in three parts, the day time segment is at Nang Loeng Market and the Victory Monument (with optional side trip to the shopping belt, in case there are die hard shoppers among us ;-p). The evening session is at Yaowarat (Chinatown). I put the heaviest meals in the morning, and taper off into the evening and night. Obviously, there are a lot more good food and sights in Bangkok than we could hope to cover in a day - which means we will be back regularly with a fresh itinerary every next time :-D

0 - Guest House in Yaowarat (our starting point).

1 - Eiah-Sae (Thanon Phat Sai) coffee shop in Chinatown is our first stop as we are staying in a Guest House in Yaowarat. Eiah-Sae founded in 1927 is an old historic Chinese kopitiam good for loading up on caffeine and carbs for the long day ahead. (GPS: 13.740184, 100.509362 / 13°44'24.7"N 100°30'33.7"E.)

Fully charged, we will go to Nang Loeng Market (ตลาดนางเลิ้ง sounds like "ta lat nam noong" - most taxi or tuk tuk drivers speak only Thai, so we can use this when we are desperate enough).

2. Jib Gee Roasts (จิ๊บกี่ ตลาดนางเลิ้ง ll) our second stop is at Nang Leong Market at Nakhon Sawan Road, the oldest market in Bangkok. Century old Nang Leong Market is a short tuk tuk ride from Yaowarat.

3. Sor-Samran braised duck noodle (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเป็ดตุ๋น ส. สำราญ) also at Nang Leong Market is our third stop.

4. Roong-Rueng wanton noodle (บะหมี่เกี๊ยวรุ่งเรือง) our next stop for Thai style wanton mee. I am excited to try a local favourite and see how it is different from the tourist favourite at SabX2 Pratunum Soi 19.

5. Khao Gaeng Ruttana is a colourful nasi campur style (rice and side dishes) stall at Nang Loeng Market.

6. Mae Sa-Ing is a popular shop serving local traditional light meals and desserts in Nang Leong Market. Khun Nhoi is a similar shop as Mae Sa-Ing, also at Nang Loeng Market.

7. Boat Noodles at Victory Monument (อนุสาวรีย์ชัยสมรภูมิ sounds like "a num sau wa rit, tai kum mo ru coom"). After Nang Loeng Market we will take a tuk tuk ride to the buzzing Victory Monument at Ratchawithi Road to try the stalls at the famous "Boat Noodle Alley" next to the canal. A bit of casual fashion, knick knack, and souvenir shopping at the Victory Monument follows to burn off calories. We have the option to tuk tuk to the Pratunam-Central World-Siam Square shopping belt before heading back to Yaowarat (ถนนเยาวราช sounds like "tha non yao wa raat").

8. Xing Li Bird's Nest. Back at Yaowarat after shopping, our first stop is a much needed drink, and so why not bird's nest? (There are a few other bird's nest shops along Yaowarat, so we shall keep an open mind on which one to go for when we are there.)

9. Kway Teow Kua Gai at Soi 6, off Yaowarat Road - the infamously unfriendly fried noodle stall which everyone loves to try. I shall make a daredevil attempt to be the first person to photograph the boss in action ;-p

10. Kway Chap Auan Pochana which serves rice rolls in a peppery pork offal soup is a must try for visitors to Yaowarat.

11. Yaowarat Toast Bread, delightful charcoal grilled sweet breads for a sweet conclusion of the food trail.

00. Guest House - back to hotel and a much needed night's rest.

Google Map overview of itinerary

Plans are only plans. What actually happens when we are there in Bangkok depends on opportunities, and more likely, whatever temptations we couldn't resist :-D There will be plenty of distractions.

Do look out for my follow-up posts when I return from this Bangkok trip :-D


Simon regularly organises overseas trekking, camping and food adventures. To find out about his future adventures which you are welcome to join, follow Travelled Paths on Facebook.

What food must we try for our next trip to Bangkok?

Date: 22 Mar 2016

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