Saturday, 15 April 2017

Seolleongtang Ox Bone Soup. Kimchi House. Bloor Koreatown Toronto


I had my first seolleongtang or Korean beef bone soup today 😄 Not many restaurants have this dish as it is so tedious to make. It's a fortifying, comfort dish Korean moms lovingly make for the family. I quickly check myself in once I found out that Kimchi House at 586 Bloor St. West has seolleongtang 😄 


Inside Kimchi House, the space is small and narrow. The furnishings are basic but everything is neat and clean. The young lady who ran the front section alone, really wiped the tables squeaky clean every time she clears a table.


The seolleongtang comes with a set of complimentary banchan or small side dishes.

You are allowed free top ups of banchan. The friendly lady came around once to ask if everything was ok, so I could ask for more banchan. I refrained as I had so much to eat already 😄


The piping hot beef soup in the deep stone bowl was beautifully white like milk. The soup felt smooth like 2% reduced-fat milk. It didn't feel greasy at all.

The soup tastes delicately sweet and the beefiness is very mild - just enough to let you know that this is beef soup but not asserting it's flavour on the dish. The beef aroma is also subtle.

The milky soup is made by boiling marrow filled shank bones, knee cartilage, etc and radish for hours.

(There is salt and pepper at the table to tune the soup to our tastes but I enjoyed the soup as it is.)


There was a generous amount of beef flank - thin slices of lean beef, white as ivory, inside the soup.


The beef slices were tender, naturally sweet and have only a slight taste of beef.

Eating these delicate tasting beef between mouthfuls of rice and kimchi was a very pleasant experience. The spicy kimchi perks up the taste buds and so heightened our enjoyment of the gentle beefiness.


The sweet tasting noodles in the soup were soft and mushy, so it's just extra carbs for me.


👉 In spite of the noodles and rice, and side dishes, I managed to finish everything. It's an enjoyable first taste of seollengtang for me and I am now eager to try other Korean beef soup dishes like oxtail soup.

My experience at Kimchi House was good as any Korean eatery (8 so far) that I have tried in Toronto's Koreatown so far. Sincere food and service. Now, I am tempted to come back here for more dishes like gamjatang and oxtail soup.

At CDN9.95 before tax, Kimchi House is slightly pricey for Koreatown but we can get this same dish as lunch special at CDN7.95 before tax on weekdays 11:00am to 3:00pm.


It's a beautiful Spring day in Toronto today.

Restaurant name: Kimchi House
Address: 586 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1K4
GPS: 43°39'53.5"N 79°24'45.6"W | 43.664876, -79.412678
Tel: (416) 900-0772
Hours: 11:00am to 11:00pm

Non Halal

Date: 14 Apr 2017

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