Monday, 10 April 2017

Gamjatang at The Owl (Boo Ung Ee) on Bloor in Koreatown Toronto


One more gamjatang or Korean pork bone soup before I move on to explore other popular Korean staples in Koreatown Toronto 😄 Today, I am at The Owl (Boo Ung Ee) at 700, Bloor Street West.


Inside the small, simply furnished eatery gamjatang is the most popular dish at The Owl (Boo Ung Ee). Almost every table had a gamjatang.

Service is very good. The busy young lady who was running the front section (with one other staff) twice checked with me if I would like to have more banchan. I had to politely decline as there was already so much food 😄

The Owl (Boo Ung Ee) was previously a franchisee of the international Owl of Minerva chain but they parted ways way back in 2003.


From The Owl (Boo Ung Ee)'s extensive menu, I picked gamjatang. The pork bone soup came with the usual complement of banchan or side dishes.


I am happy to see a sprinkle of perilla seeds on The Owl (Boo Ung Ee)'s gamjatang. Perilla seeds have a nutty texture and a toasty flavour which make the dish more interesting. But, many eateries do not have perilla seeds in their gamjatang anymore.


I also like it that The Owl (Boo Ung Ee) have potatoes in their gamjatang as it adds a comforting familiar sweetness to the dish.

I like Canadian potatoes as they have a smooth yet "powdery" feel and a nice mild sweetness.


There were 3 or 4 large pieces of fleshy spine bones in the deep stone bowl of broth. There wasn't much red chili oil slick on the watery soup.


The meat was fall-off-the-bone tender but not mushy. It was juicy and still had some tender bite.


I like the gamjatang soup at The Owl (Boo Ung Ee) as it is well balanced with mild sweet-salty-spicy flavours. Many eateries serve gamjatang soup that just have salty-spicy flavours minus the sweetness.


👉 The Owl (Boo Ung Ee) serves one of my favourite gamjatang in Toronto as I like the well balanced sweet-salty-spicy soup. The meat was cooked to perfection. Price is at a slight premium at CDN9.29 (before tax and tips).

This place is popular for late night/ early morning hang over meals as it is open 24/7.


Restaurant name: The Owl (Boo Ung Ee)
Address700 Bloor W, Toronto, Ontario M6G 1L4
GPS43°39'49.7"N 79°25'02.9"W | 43.663808, -79.417476
Hours: 24 hours

Non Halal

Date: 9 Apr 2017


  1. Tony,
    Perilla seeds are an essential ingredient in gamjatang.Perilla powder is typically used, not seeds and hence you may not have detected its presence. When I make gamjatang at home I use perilla powder. It is readily available in Korean grocery stores.You indicated that you may want to make this dish when you return to Malaysia and it will be a good idea to get some here if not available in Malaysia.

    1. Ah... I see.. Thank you Dyson. Yes, I shall buy some perilla powder when I go home. Appreciate much.


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