Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Gamjatang Pork Bone Soup. Kimchi House. Bloor Koreatown Toronto


When I am travelling, I rarely go back to the same restaurant as time is short and I would like to try as many different restaurants as possible before returning home. But, this was my second time in Kimchi House in Koreatown within a week. There are many things I like about this little ajumma (auntie run) eatery - one of over a dozen such homely comfort food shops in Toronto's little Korea.


The little shop is simply furnished but very well kept - no, I should say it is lovingly kept, like how a house proud homeowner keeps their home spanking clean and neat.

The friendly young lady staff has a calm, polite kind of efficiency. She manages the front from taking orders, serving food, cleaning tables to collecting money all by herself. And, in between, she still found time to ask diners about their meals and pour tea. Simply amazing. Once in a while, the ajamma boss comes out to help when she is not tied up in the kitchen.

I was here last for their seolleongtang or ox bone soup and I liked it. I decided to come back for their gamjatang as I wanted to see how Kimchi House does this iconic dish.


Kimchi House's gamjatang is available on lunch special at CDN7.95 before tax and tip. It comes with the usual complementary set of banchan or side dishes.

We can get top ups of banchan if we just ask the staff but there was really no need - there is already a lot of food for one person 😄


The deep stone bowl is filled to the rim with a orangey hued soup and a heap of pork bones and cabbage garnished with chopped spring onion and a sprinkle of perilla seed powder. But, there was no bean sprouts.

I can smell the natural porky aroma from the bubbling steamy broth as I was taking this picture.


There were three large pieces of pork spine bones with cabbage almost dissolved by boiling. There were also small pieces of potatoes mostly crumbled and dissolved into the broth.

The broth with a medium body thickened with dissolved potato tasted gently savoury-spicy-sweet. It was not greasy and was highly drinkable.


The meat was skilfully done - literally fall-off-the-bone tender yet it was neither mushy nor overcooked. There was still some bite left in the juicy meat and there was still a nice natural porky sweetness. (Not the kind where all the flavours are leached into the soup.)


I enjoyed picking out the meat, soft tissue and cartilage from the spine bones. Kimchi House boiled these till the bones separate with little effort.


👉 Kimchi House is my favourite ajumma (auntie run) Korean eatery in Koreatown Toronto after trying eight such restaurants here. The simple eatery is clean and well kept. The food is delicious and competitively priced. The service is friendly and efficient. I have very good experiences here and would come back to try their other dishes.

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Restaurant name: Kimchi House 
Address: 586 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1K4 
GPS: 43°39'53.5"N 79°24'45.6"W | 43.664876, -79.412678 
Tel: (416) 900-0772 
Hours: 11:00am to 11:00pm  

Non Halal  

Date: 14 Apr 2017

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