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Yuan Wei Handmade Soon Kueh, Ang Mo Kio People Don't Want You to Know About · Now at Blk 422 源味手工笋粿

✍️ 14 Nov 2023. Evonne jio-ed us to meet at her favourite Teochew kueh stall, at block 422 Ang Mo Kio (just 5 minutes walk from the MRT station).

It's a kopitiam stall with two stall spaces as they make and steam all their Teochew kueh in situ.

The menu of nine items all on one page. We ordered a few different items to share.

The moist fillings in the mangkuang kueh was fresh, freshly cooked, sweet savoury. The chopped mangkuang was soft, crunchy and juicy.

The kueh skin was soft but the relatively thick type. I actually prefer thick skin kueh because otherwise it will be like eating fillings only 🤭

Soon kueh peek-a-boo.

Yuan Wei is one of the few places in Singapore left that still uses bamboo shoot to make their soon kueh.

The bamboo shoot was soft, sweet savoury in the bamboo shoot way. Blended with crunchy black fungus and umami dried shrimp.



Png kueh or rice cake.


Savoury sweet stir fried glutinous rice wrap in rice skin. A whole tasty meal in itself.

Other things I like about Yuan Wei's Teochew kueh in general are, they are clean tasting, not overly greasy, yet do not stick together.

Yuan Wei abacus seed doesn't look pretty but they taste good. Soft spongy chewy with taste of yam together with savouriness and a bit of umami. Maybe a bit too soft.

Otherwise, flavourwise it's quite impressive because I haven't come across abacus seed with yam taste in restaurants or stalls for a long time - most of the time, commercial abacus seeds hardly have yam 🤭

If you love pumpkin cake, this kim kueh 金瓜粿 is literally gold.

Blend of natural pumpkin sweetness balanced with a bit of savouriness, umami and aromatics.

This yam cake has yam, so it is good.

This sounds like a strange comment but commercial yam cakes hardly have yam nowadays.

Fans of Yuan Wei Soon Kueh, they have just moved to block 422 Ang Mo Kio corner coffee shop, 5 minutes walk from the MRT station.

Stall name: Hand Made Teochew Soon Kueh 源味手工笋糕

Address: Blk 422 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #01-2508, Singapore 560422

Nearest MRT: 5 minutes walk from Ang Mo Kio station

Tel: 9447 2353

Hours: 8:00am - 12:30pm daily

Actually, I had Yuan Wei Soon Kueh before but it was takeaway during the COVID lockdown two years ago.

Yuan_Wei_Soon Kueh_Ang Mo Kio_源味手工笋粿

[ ✍ 27 May 2021 ] Today's dabao, Yuan Wei handmade soon kueh in Ang Mo Kio (moved to Blk 422 since Nov 2023). There's always a long queue at the stall, and the food often sold out early but it is rarely mentioned in social media. At Yuan Wei, their kueh have soft-tender chewy skin and their fillings have more robust savoury sweet flavours compared to other stalls.

Previous Address

Stall name: Yuan Wei Handmade Soon Kueh 源味手工笋粿

Address: 226F Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 566226 (@ Kebun Baru Mall) Moved to Blk 422 since Nov 2023

Tel: 9447 2353 (pre-order recommended, phone call 8am - 5pm only)

Hours: 8:00am - 12:30pm daily

Yuan_Wei_Soon Kueh_Ang Mo Kio_源味手工笋粿

Yuan Wei makes five types of Teochew kueh with bang kuang, yam, glutinous rice, chive and bamboo shoot (soon). They are all freshly handmade and steamed at the stall. Each kueh costs between $1 to $1.40 (in 2021).

Yuan_Wei_Soon Kueh_Ang Mo Kio_源味手工笋粿

The kueh with the pink dot is their signature soon kueh. The white skin made of rice flour is soft with a slight squeaky chewy bite. The filling is made of savoury sweet stir fried bamboo shoot, black fungus, carrot, dried shrimp etc. The fried bamboo shoot is soft and very slightly crunchy to the bite. 

Bamboo shoot kueh is rarely found in Singapore nowadays. Yuan Wei is one of the last places you can find soon kueh in Singapore.

Yuan_Wei_Soon Kueh_Ang Mo Kio_源味手工笋粿

Bang kuang kueh - the same skin now filled with stewed grated yam bean or jicama. At Yuan Wei, they hand grate their bang kuang. The stewed bang kuan is soft-tender and tastes savoury sweet with umami coming from dried shrimp.

Yuan_Wei_Soon Kueh_Ang Mo Kio_源味手工笋粿

My favourite Teochew kueh is filled with chives as I like the taste of the grassy vegetable. Yuan Wei makes a good chive kueh too. The chive is stir fried with dried shrimps and pork so the chive filling has the signature green taste of chive overlaid with umami-savoury flavour from dried shrimp. $1 per piece.

Yuan_Wei_Soon Kueh_Ang Mo Kio_源味手工笋粿

Rice cake.

Yuan_Wei_Soon Kueh_Ang Mo Kio_源味手工笋粿

Yuan Wei's rice cake is filled with fried glutinous rice with peanuts, wood ear fungus and dried shrimps. The filling is delicious - taste like bak chang (rice dumpling) but sans pork and chestnut.

The rice cake is eaten with a sweet syrupy black sauce which nicely complemented the kueh's savoury sweet taste.

Yuan_Wei_Soon Kueh_Ang Mo Kio_源味手工笋粿

Yam kueh ($1.40 per piece).

Yuan_Wei_Soon Kueh_Ang Mo Kio_源味手工笋粿

The fried yam filling is soft but tasty with savoury sweet yam flavours. There's peanut, crunchy wood ear fungus and dried shrimp in the yam filling.

Overall, I like Yuan Wei's Teochew kueh. The skin is soft-tender, squeaky chewy and the filling have nice rich savoury sweet flavours with a touch of umami from dried shrimp. They are a tad greasy though.

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Written by Tony Boey on 27 May 2021 🥡 Day 13 of Singapore Phase 2 Heightened Alert to curb Covid-19 spread.

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