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Popular Steamboat & Yakitori in Sri Tebrau Johor Bahru. Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝

Grouper Fish at Kofuku Tei Steamboat

Steamboat restaurants are everywhere in Johor Bahru and more are sprouting up regularly. So, it is quite hard for any steamboat place to stand out from the crowd. After dinner at Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝, this relatively young steamboat restaurant is among our favourites in Johor Bahru now.

Kofuku Tei Steamboat JB

For centuries, Chinese families bond over soup and steamboat, so the family themed Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 is very popular with families.

Kofuku Tei Steamboat Johor Bahru

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 is a relatively large restaurant covering two storeys. The main dining hall is at the ground level. On the upper level, there are private rooms and an al fresco dining area overlooking Jalan Serampang.

The furnishings are basic but well spaced out (so the restaurant feels cosy and spacious). Each table is equipped with easy to operate induction cookers. The decor is simple, the place is clean and comfortable.

Kofuku Tei Steamboat Johor Bahru

About 10 parking lots are available in front of Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝. They provide valet service for spillover traffic.

When I visit a steamboat restaurant, the three main things I look out for are the soup base, ingredients and the dipping sauces. Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 is strong in all three.

Kofuku Tei Steamboat

When you enter Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝, straight ahead at the entrance, you will see this mural "Blessings start from this pot of soup" 幸福从这一锅汤开始. There is a photo of one of Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝's partner's mother with the phrase "A bowl of soup for mum" 给妈妈的一碗汤.

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 has eight soup bases which are all made by long boiling of natural ingredients without any MSG, just like mum's soup. Hence, when you enter Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝, the staff will greet you "Welcome home" 歡迎回家.

There's chicken soup (RM13.80++), Japanese Miso Kimchi (RM13.80++), Japanese Shoyu (RM18.80++), Tomato soup (RM8.80), Hokkaido Herbal Pork (RM13.80++), Spicy soup (RM13.80++), Bak Kut Teh soup (RM32.90++), Collagen soup (RM39.90++) etc. Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 is experimenting and coming out with more soup base from time to time.

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat

We went for the bak kut teh and collagen soup because I have never heard of BKT soup as soup base for steamboat. I have also not had collagen soup before.

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Bak Kut Teh Soup

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝's BKT soup can give any bak kut teh specialist shop a run for their money. The soup is made with Iberico pork ribs in a herbal broth with quality soy sauce. The tasty broth tasted mildly savoury herbal with underlying sweetness from the pork ribs.

The Iberico pork ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender, juicy and had a soft chew to the bite. The moist meat tasted naturally sweet. There were 6 pieces of pork ribs in our serving of BKT soup.

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Gelatine Soup

The collagen soup was made by boiling chicken and chicken feet till they dissolved into gelatine. The gelatine was then chilled and reboiled when served. It is 100% natural collagen (no chemical jelly is used).

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Gelatine Soup

The gelatine was melted into a thick, heavy, full body soup which tasted mildly savoury with subtle sweetness. In the mouth, the collagen soup felt like a syrup with a bit of slick tackiness on the lips. 

There are a couple of hundred ingredients on the menu. We put many through the buk kut teh and collagen soup. All the meat - pork, beef, fish, prawns and clams - were fresh. The prawns, clams and fish were live.

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Pork BallKofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Prawn BallKofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Prawn Paste
Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Prawn Paste

Hand chopped prawn paste (price RM18.90++).

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Prawns

老虎虾 Sea Tiger Prawn (price RM31.90++).

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Prawns

Prawn lovers can indulge in these live sea Tiger prawns which were crunchy, sweet with very subtle sea brininess.

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Clams
Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Clams

These live clams were quite addictive. When cooked, the meat was smooth like half boiled eggs. When we bite into it, the meat was just slightly firmer than half boiled egg with a bit of crunchy tissue in the mostly soft juicy body. The meat was sweet with a bit of ocean brininess. My favourite 😋

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Grouper Fish

龙虎斑 Live Grouper (seasonal price). This fish cost RM110++ today.

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Premium Australian Beef

澳洲雪花牛肉 Premium Australia Beef (price RM38.90++).

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Bacon

三层肉 Pork Belly (price RM14.90++).

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Mutton

羊腿肉 Lamb Shank (price RM31.90++).

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Iberico Pork

黑毛猪五花肉 Iberico Pork Collar (price RM33.90++).

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat

We had a few cuts of beef - they were all soft, beefy and sweet. We also had New Zealand lamb which was rather gamey - I like it.

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Fish Noodles

Seafood noodles made with a blend of hand chopped fish, prawn and squid. The flavour leaned slightly more on the squid, so squid lovers will like this.

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Dumplings

Dumpling lovers have a choice of fish, prawn and pork dumplings.

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Fried Tofu Skin

I enjoyed this ultra crispy fried tofu skin.

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Bak Kut Teh Soup

Our bak kut teh soup was topped up regularly free of charge. (There is no top up for the collagen soup.)

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Dip & Sauce Bar
Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Dip & Sauce Bar

The dip and sauce bar has about 30 different types of sauces. All are house blended. Customers are free to help themselves to the dips and sauces without additional charges.

Besides steamboat, Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝's yakitori department is quite impressive too.

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Wagyu Beef
Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Wagyu BeefKofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Wagyu Beef

Japanese grade A5 Wagyu beef (price RM20 per 10 gram). Lightly grilled and flamed to medium rare doneness. The thin slice of Wagyu was soft and juicy with rich yet gentle beefy sweetness.

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Yakitori

Besides steamboat there is seafood, chicken, beef, pork, sausage, vegetable yakitori. Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 blend their own yakitori sauces from scratch.

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Yakitori

I love this Enoki mushroom bundle wrapped in a strip of fatty bacon. The sweet mushrooms were spongy, juicy and crunchy complemented by the smoky savoury sweet grilled bacon.

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Yakitori

Grilled pork belly (price RM16.90++).

Fried chicken wings with house blended marination (price RM5.90++).

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Yakitori Squid

Grilled squid made with grade A squid from Mersing town (price RM24.90++ each).

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Yakitori

👉 We enjoyed ourselves at Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 steamboat / yakitori as we like the lovingly made MSG free soup base, live / fresh ingredients and interesting dips. Pricing is competitive. The family oriented ambiance is simple but comfortable. The service was attentive and friendly too (but not gimmicky, over the top).

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Disclosure: Please note that this was an invited tasting.

Kofuku-Tei 幸福窝 Steamboat Yakitori

Restaurant nameKofuku-Tei 幸福窝
Address: 33, Jalan Serampang, Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru
GPS1°29'03.9"N 103°46'07.3"E 🌐 1.484425, 103.768700
Waze: Kofuku-Tei Restoran
Tel: 014-611 1668
Hours: 5:00pm - 2:00am (opens at 12:00 noon on Sat and Sun)

Non Halal

Date visited: 24 Sep 2018

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  1. I believe the restaurant has closed

    1. oh that's sad to hear. this is of the better steam boat places in JB.

  2. no, it is not closed, i just had meal there 2 weeks ago:)


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