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Johor Style Bak Kut Teh in Permas Jaya JB

Hungry in Permas Jaya and couldn't spot any potential new good food finds, I settled for a tried & tasted option - Restoran Shi Wah bak kut teh which I enjoyed a few times before. To be doubly safe, I opted for pig tail - my favourite cut for BKT.

I am glad that I made the right choice as the pig tail was delicious. The skin was tenderly chewy, fat was tenderly soft, while the meat was tenderly juicy. The pork was very fresh, so I can taste the pork's natural sweetness. Nibbling the bits of meat off the tail bone was fun.

I enjoyed Permas Jaya Shi Wah bak kut teh's brownish tea colour soup because I like the blend of savouriness with subtle herbalness. A fleeting pepperiness and underlying garlicky spiciness followed in the aftertaste.

I enjoyed the pork tail so much that I surprised the lady staff by following up with a bowl of meat bone and ribs immediately. Shi Wah have only short ribs 排骨 and meat bones 肉骨 (no prime ribs 龙骨 which is my preferred cut for ribs).

The meat on the short rib was tenderly chewy and fell off the bone with little biting effort.

The meat on the meat bones were, however, quite fibrous and a bit dry. There wasn't much taste in the meat. I will avoid the meat bones next time.

There was a piece of cartilage wrapped with meat 软骨 - I enjoyed this piece and ate the tender meat with the tender-crunchy cartilage together. It was tasty and feeling the cartilage crunch between my teeth was fun.

Then, I remembered that that was what I ordered during my first visit to Permas Jaya Shi Wah bak kut teh back in 2012.

I had a good meal - finished everything to the last drop.

Next time, I shall focus on the softer tender cuts like pig tail 猪尾 and cartilage 软骨. I shall also try their pork belly which I expect will be good judging by how well they cooked the softer cuts like cartilage and pig tail. I will avoid the meat bones 肉骨 as they are fibrous and dry.

My total bill for two servings of bak kut teh with a bowl of rice was about RM23, which I thought was quite reasonable in today's market.

The pork was pre-cooked in signature large blue enamel pots and finished over gas stoves in serving size pots before sending to customers in ceramic bowls. I like the feel of those old school bowls 😄

Permas Jaya Shi Wah bak kut teh is a relatively large corner shop. Furnishings and decor are basic but comfortable. Whirling ceiling fans and bamboo shades keep the place cool. It is usually busy during lunch time.

👉 Permas Jaya Shi Wah bak kut teh is a good place in JB to taste brothy Johor style BKT with savoury herbal soup and very fresh pork.

Restaurant name: Restoran Shi Wah  
Address: 6, Jalan Permas 9/5, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru (near Jusco Permas) 
GPS: 1.496014,103.819835 / 1°29'45.6"N 103°49'11.4"E 
Tel: 012-732 8336 
Hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm (closed on alternate Monday)    

Non Halal  

Date visited: 12 Mar 2012, 3 Dec 2015, 2 Sep 2018

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