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What to Eat in Woodlands / Marsiling. Shi Mei Roasted. Chicken Rice 實美燒臘雞飯

Char Siew

When I saw Dr Leslie Tay of iEatiShootiPost shared about the char siew at Shi Mei Roasted.Chicken Rice at block 211 Marsiling Crescent, I was eager to try it as I am a Cantonese roasts fan. As I happened to be in Singapore today, I popped over to Lucky Star Eating House, where the popular roasts stall is located.

Causeway View Marsiling

The coffee shop is located in the little precinct named Causeway View - the northernmost HDB precinct in Singapore.

Singapore Johor Causeway

The name Causeway View is very apt as some of the flats here have a marvellous view of the busy Causeway and sprawling Johor Bahru skyline. On a good day like this morning, the placid Straits of Johor looks ocean blue.

Lucky Star Eating House Marsiling Shi Mei Roasted 實美燒臘雞飯Lucky Star Eating House Marsiling Shi Mei Roasted 實美燒臘雞飯
Lucky Star Eating House Marsiling Shi Mei Roasted 實美燒臘雞飯

Lucky Star Eating House is a large corner coffee shop with about 10 food stalls. It is breezy, clean and well kept. In the morning, it is laid back and quiet. It's a little secret of people living and working around here. 

Shi Mei Roasted. Chicken Rice is one of the stalls at the end, on the left side.

Marsiling Shi Mei Roasted 實美燒臘雞飯

The char siew was ready at about 9:30am, and the fried chicken, siew yok and roast duck came later. Almost everything was ready slightly after 10:30am.

Char Siew

The ropes of char siew (roast meat) were not as dark and caramelised as most popular char siew places (where they are sometimes literally black in colour).

Marsiling Shi Mei Roasted 實美燒臘雞飯

The folks at Shi Mei Roasted were very friendly, obliging don't-know-who-is-this uncle for photos and questions. Chief roaster 萬泰 said Shi Mei has been around here in Marsiling for over 20 years and he had been working here since he was a teen. The char siew, siew yok and duck are roasted in that charcoal fired "Apollo" tandoor type oven.

Shi Mei 實美 is an emerging popular brand of Cantonese roasts and chicken rice in Singapore with 3 branches at 463 Sembawang Drive, 371 Bukit Batok Street 31, and 265 Bukit Batok East Ave 4. This little stall in Marsiling in Singapore's far north is Shi Mei 實美's home base (parent stall).

Char Siew Rice

I started with a SGD $4 plate of char siew rice. The slices of roast meat were set on top of the mound of well greased chicken rice.

Char Siew

I asked for the fatty cut, of course 😄

Most of the char siew were sliced a bit thin - I wish they were all in larger chunks. The meat and fat were tender and the fat was especially juicy. The savoury sweet flavour was relatively mild, so those folks who found Kuala Lumpur style char siew too sweet, too salty, should find Shi Mei's char siew just nice.

Char Siew

I next ordered a $4 serving of char siew and ribs. (I normally deploy my calorie reserves in stages 😄 )

Char Siew

This time, I did not specify the fatty cut, so there were a few lean pieces. The lean char siew was slightly dry and didn't have a lot of savoury sweet flavour inside.

Char Siew

The roast rib was nice as it had fat and tender juicy meat wrapped around the soft bones (cartilage). The tender and juicy meat and fat tasted mildly savoury sweet similar to the fatty cut. I like this roasted rib.

Char Siew

The forbidden dark caramelised edge and fringe with deeper, more robust savouriness and a bit of charred toasty taste.

Pork Soup

That clear simple looking pork and chicken soup was memorable because it was surprisingly tasty - sweet savoury.

Pork Soup

When I saw what went into the soup, I was no longer surprised that it was so delicious. The tasty soup is made by boiling generous amounts of pork and chicken with sweet vegetables like corn etc.

Now I am thinking what excuse can I have to have more of that soup, please 😂

Char Siew Rice

👉 If you are in Marsiling Singapore and you like fatty char siew and Cantonese style roast rib, Shi Mei Roasted in Lucky Star Eating House provides a reasonably priced, satisfying meal.

Woodlands Waterfront

If you use the nearby Woodlands Waterfront Park, Lucky Star Eating House is a lunch or dinner option. (I will be back to try more food stalls here. What do you recommend around here?)

Lucky Star Eating House

Restaurant name: Shi Mei Roasted. Chicken Rice 實美燒臘雞飯  (in Lucky Star Eating House)
Address: 211 Marsiling Crescent, Singapore 730211
GPS: 1°26'45.3"N 103°46'25.3"E 🌐 1.445925, 103.773692
Tel: 93971008 (荣叔)  ☎ 87325691 (萬泰)
Hours: 9:30am - 9:00pm

Non Halal

Date visited: 28 Sept 2018

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  1. His famous is 烧肉!!! y u nv try... I think the roast pork n roast duck is better char siew


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